Friday, April 22, 2011


It is Friday and of course, you know what that means, RAIN and in the words of a work associate, "as if we haven't had enough." Truly. But, still rain is good. Good for the grass, the trees, the flowers, the knees...oh, well, maybe not the knees.

Still, the rain is better than the alternative, SNOW, which we also saw this week. Monday's snowfall (a trace amount, really, less than an inch) broke a record for the day, I read somewhere. And according to a professional weather prognosticator snow in April is not all that un-common and as a second work associate noted today, "I can't remember a Good Friday when we've had good weather." Neither can I, though, my memory isn't specific to Good Friday weather as it is to April in general. The last few Aprils, it seems, have been crappy, meterologically speaking.

However, it is Friday and of course, you know what that means, the weekend beckons. Saturday morning is a few hours away and I'm already anticipating the sleeping late. Well, not sleeping late, but rising (a second time) later. For there is no sleeping late. The body is forced, yes, forced, to awake at 3 (or 4) am every morning. Ankles, knees, and other joints gather and conspire against the bladder (who fights valiantly) to raise the body up.

On weekday, work day mornings the pre-dawn rising precipitates a frustration that settles about the shoulders creating conditions that ultimately hamper 1. falling back to sleep and 2. navigating an "on-time" getting up and out. Tomorrow morning there will be no need to get up and out (prior to 10 am) and thus, the pre-dawn rising, which will occur, like clockwork, will not result and anything more than emptying the bladder and releasing her from the guilt of being overrun by the others.

For it is Friday and in the spirit of, "acting like it dammit!" after having left work early on this day. I will partake of some delicious (prepared-by-someone-else) food and drink a few fine brews, and perhaps dance or something similiarly relieving. When I get to bed I shall sleep-the-sleep of a well worn week to rise at the usual time, at the usual insistence of a bladder weakened by the chattering noises of ankles, knees and the like, only then to return to bed. I will gleefully burrow back into and under the blankets and stay that way until the sun (which I've read will make a glorious appearance) is shining high and bright, even if it is only in my mind. Well, that is unless the cats join the conspiracy.

Still, the plan is to get on with the day and rest of the weekend in as leisurely fashion as can be mustered.

Welcome to Wednesday? Naaaah, Welcome to THE WEEKEND!!!!!


  1. I'm reading this on Monday morning, after the glorious weekend, and now anticipating the next...

  2. best post ever.

    Hope your weekend plans bore fruit and you're reaping the harvest now!


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