Thursday, May 26, 2011

Severe Epidermis Ills

For several weeks now my skin has been under attack. As to whether the cause was some things I'd eaten, some things in the air, some things on my clothes, stresses, or various combinations of those some things or more, ceased being the point last Friday.

Severe eczema outbreak.

For whatever reason none of the usual, tried and true home remedies, diet modifications and the like seemed to stem the hives. In fact, it seemed as though everything I tried served to make matters worse, critical even. Expending every ounce of energy to refrain from scratching began to affect my focus at work and rendered me virtually lifeless at home.

Severe, in the form of pain and swelling.

Last Friday was the beginning of the worst (the worst coming on Sunday). But the new twist that developed during my morning work hours last Friday led me to call my foxy MD's office for an appointment; the earliest possible time, Monday at noon. I just had to get through Friday and then the weekend.

Severe, as in raw, weepy skin and a raw and weepy Deborah.

My "Sleepless in Oak Park" night led to a very lethargic Monday morning. I had to go to work to bring the newest (and very best ever) recruit up to speed on some vital tasks before heading back west to foxy MD's office in the search of answers and remedies.

Seventy bucks and three medications later situation outbreak is coming to an end. The itching has virtually vanished, the pain and swelling are all gone, the residual peeling is less annoying today than yesterday and a LOT less so than Tuesday. Save for the cold, wet, windy weather all is good. But then again, not even complaining (much) about the weather, other places are catching it in spades, much worse than here.

Aside from being uncomfortable and physically unappealing for the past several weeks this outbreak may also reveal a new food allergy or series of allergens. For now, foxy MD suggested I give dairy products in general and milk specifically a pass for the next couple of weeks.

As painful as said avoidance may ultimately prove to be it shall be infinitely less painful than the outbreak.



  1. Oy. It hurt just reading about this. I'm so glad you were able to find relief via foxy md. I would think it hard to avoid dairy but the queen has to avoid it too, I guess you get used to it. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Oh, you poor thing! That sounds dreadful. My gf had an outbreak of psoriasis recently that left her sad and weepy.

    Glad there is immediate relief and a long term plan.

  3. I get ezcema too. It is HORRIBLE & SO ichy. I always carry that cortizone 10 stick with me to start dabbing the itchies as soon as they start. It's torture.


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