Sunday, May 29, 2011


It has been a horrible spring, i.e. beginnings of bike riding season. Leaving aside the cold and wet weather, as well as the skin ills and other stresses there were bike repairs to execute before any riding could be done. 

Repairs executed, Brin* and I did get out toward the end of last month for a few laps around one of the local parks. The plan this year as in years past was to use the early part of the season to get back into biking to work shape. However, the wonky health and wonkier weather has not allowed for much more than an occasional jaunt to the train station where I lock her up and leave her for the ride home (and weather permitting, some extra).     
However, now even that little bit of riding must be tabled for the time being.  Last Friday I'd ridden Brin to the train station and after having suffered throughout the day, the outbreak growing more severe with each passing hour, looked forward to re-connecting with my lovely and having her help get my very itchy self home. But that was not to be. My bad day turned even worse when I emerged from the train station to see Brin leaning, balancing on only one wheel, locked to a bike rack. 

Some cretin with a crescent wrench (or similar tool) had taken Brin's back wheel with the brand new gel filled inner tube and brand new white wall tire.  

Damn. I'm not a crier as a general rule of thumb (though, since approaching and then turning 50, tears come easier than ever before) and they came right there on the street, just a little bit. I wasn't at all up to unlocking Brin and half carrying, half rolling her the six or so blocks home, but I couldn't leave her locked to the rack, vulnerable to further violations.  

She will be repaired again. It may take another two to three weeks, deep into spring and nearly summer before I will be able to ride. If the recent weather pattern is any indication there won't be ample opportunities in the coming days anyway. 

When she is returned to glory additional safety measures will be employed.  

I detest that I'd been lulled into a sense of security that prevented me from taking those measures before. 

I detest that I'm being forced to spend money I didn't anticipate for additional and now, more costly repairs. 

I detest that that I'll be without Brin's able service (wonky weather aside) for two or three (or more) weeks it will take to secure and replace the parts. 

I detest cretins who troll the town with crescent wrenches (or similar tools) preying on lovely Brins and others like her. 

The very worst wrinkle in this entire episode was speaking to my mother later that evening. Achy from the itching, weepy from . . . everything, I heard myself whine when I began to tell her about my Brin. 

W-H-I-N-E!! to my mother. Oh me, oh my. 

*Yes, I named my bike Brin. I realized in the telling of this tale there is no precedent in the archives. I'd only mentioned "Brin" in other media. ;-)  


  1. 20+ years ago I left my BELOVED mountain bike chained up in front of the building where I worked to go get a few beers with colleagues after work.

    By the time we got back, she was gone.

    I was angry for weeks. When I saw a kid riding her down the street one afternoon (there aren't many chrome Schwinn frame mountain bikes out there, so I knew it was her), I almost ran him over for spite. That was 600 bucks of hardware and untold hours of my time in building her he was riding....

    Still harbor a little resentment, apparently. Best of you on her restoration to full health!

  2. Oh no! I'm so very sorry to hear about Brin. That is awful. I have had enough bikes stolen that I hesitate to lock up Helen ANYWHERE. Luckily, I can park her in my office at work.

    The weather has been shirty here, too. Opportunities have been scarce for riding to work. Hang in there! And, invest in more locks!

  3. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Kel ... aka ... the mad hatter ;-)

    OMG Im so sorry to hear bout Brin darling ... some people just dont care. They want nice things but instead of going out and working hard for it like the rest of us ... they steal instead ... pigs!!!

    I had a mountain bike as well as 2 motor bikes stolen a few years back so I feel your pain.

    Im sending you a massive hug and lots of kitty kisses to cheer you up.

    Love Kel xXx

  4. Well, bad karma will manifest itself. Maybe that tire will pop at a very unfortunate time for the thief...


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