Thursday, December 15, 2011

By The Light of the Wine

This space, middle girl dot blogspot dot com began March 29, 2006 after several months of my finding, lurking, and then commenting on other personal blogs. 

My search for a community led me to a cadre of some amazing women (mostly). That is to say there were mostly women, all totally amazing.  Many of those visited then are long gone now. Some others lie dormant but available for the random trips down bloggy lane.

One of the first regularly visited blogs belonged to The Lovely Elizabeth. The space she maintained then is long gone as are others she started in the years since. But, she still blogs and is still one of my favorite blog destinations.

Elizabeth, commented on one of my earliest posts:
Well, have a blog. I get to put you on my blogroll. The pressure is on.

Congratulations to your son and to you for helping him get to this point.

Maxine (Elizabeth's wife) also maintained a blog or two over the years now dormant but replaced by two others.

Shortly after meeting on the nets arrangements were being made to meet face-to-face and that meeting cemented in real life that which began in the virtual world. I have recently returned from my second trip to Houston visiting with the lovely lady bloggers, knitters (well, one knits) painters (of pictures and houses) all and things fabulous.

Epic Party!

Elizabeth was my conduit to fantastic beer, kick-ass wine, insight and laughs galore.

Maxine is . . . in a word, AWESOME!

The brief respite from my day-to-day was precisely what the doctor would have ordered had she been consulted. It was most amazing plus I came home with a finely crafted knit blanket. (Repeat: Maxine is awesome.)  Win. Win. Win.

I can't thank you ladies enough for being the marvelous ladies you are and helping me take those very important early steps in my journey. I can hardly wait for the next event that has us in the same place at the same time.

Thank you for a memorable weekend.


  1. No question at all that those two are among the best people in the country. Since the presidential election went nowhere, we need to come up with a new title to reflect the bowl of awesome that Max and eb/f are.

  2. How wonderful that you got to spend some time with those two! I had the pleasure of meeting them in the real world this fall... looking forward to the next meet up already. And maybe you'll be there too!


  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Really, Blogger, really. I just spent the last 10 minutes writing a fabulously awesome response to all this bloggy love and when I hit the reply button, it took me to a page to set up a blog. Nooooo. It was the world's best comment and now it gone. Forever. Ugh.

    Anyway, thank you lovely ladies and lovely Deborah. It has been a year of connecting and reconnecting with online friends in real time and we've enjoyed every minute.

    The party, the weekend, the beer the wine the chiminea fire, the crisp night air, family and friends made for a most memorable and joyous time. Thank you so much for flying down to see us.

    xoxox to all and very Merry Kringle.

    (I tried posting this and it was lost again, so I'm posting as Anon to see if it goes through)

  4. Wasn't there talk of Toronto Pride? I don't know what the dates are and it is way iffy because of our publication schedule at work, but we have certainly bastardized that schedule in the past...

    Deb. thanks so much for choosing to spend your time and $$ to come visit us and please always know in your heart you can just show up any time...


  5. @ sporksforall: Most definitely.

    @ e: Yes and yes. Perhaps and that would be awesome

    @ anon: I hate when that happens. Ugh. I find I have the most problems w/Blogger when using browsers other than G Chrome. And you're so welcome. It was my pleasure and pure delightful joy.

    @ Maxine: Indeed there was...note to self: passport, just in case--in any case. :-) I do know. I felt/feel the ♥ Truly.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ya'll and many thanks.


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