Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making Room

Some years ago I had the bright idea to stage the Christmas tree in the dining room. Prior to that ephipany the Christmas tree held court front and center in the living room. Lights ablaze, blinds cranked open, a dazzling array for the world to see.

Well, at least the part of the world who happened down our street and then happened to look up a bit.

The first year The Middle Girl's Family Christmas Tree and related holiday regalia called the dining room home there was no nearly five foot tall cat condo, pet crate, yard sale dishes (for when daughter moves out) bookcase, desk, or other overflow from the living room (where returning son has most of his belongings).

The living (or front) room seemed the logical location in the very beginning of our residence in this small condo because it was the most comfortable room at the time and was (or seemed) the easier to de-clutter adjust furnishings and the like to make room for the tree and related holiday regalia. 

Plus there was the showing the tree (and lights) to the world (that fraction who happened down our street . . . ) and I always enjoyed seeing the lights from the street when I came home from work in the evenings (I knew to look up.)

The bright idea from some years ago seems positively brillant today. Despite the groaning at the seams fullness of the dining room space, the tree must go there, cannot go anywhere else. No other room is suitable, no other space even remotely ready for its presence.

Moreover, I discovered that I like having dinner by the twinkling lights along with a couple of bottles glasses of wine, mom, son, daughter, and a condo full of fur babies (though the cats must be housed in my bedroom).

Sometime over the next 3, 4, or . .  today the tree and related holiday regalia will be installed, lights ablaze, a dazzling array for all of us to see and enjoy.



  1. We have always had our tree on our sun porch and it looks lovely there. There are ceiling to floor windows on three sides. Only problem? There are no radiators there, so there is NO heat on the sun porch.We keep the door closed all winter. But from early December through early January, the door is open.

    Our tree is a silver one that was almost thrown away by my mother! It is the one that we had when I was a child, complete with a revolving color light! Funny how those things go in and out of style....

  2. lol during a brief stint of my childhood our family had one of those silver trees complete with the revolving color light as well.

  3. Our tree still has no made it inside...outlook not so good...

  4. I wasn't planning on putting one up at all this year, but found the small fake tree in the basement and put it out on the front porch. No lights, no ornaments, just a "natural" style mini conifer on the porch rail. Does that count?

  5. Oh, I don't know Maxine, there is still time. :-)

    And e, absolutely that counts!


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