Sunday, February 05, 2012

One To Thirty

This week (Wednesday) the first born celebrates birthday number thirty. Gone by in an instant? No. Still, hard to fathom the trading of blocks for Transformers, Transformers for Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles for all the childhood things in between and then those for ties and cuff-links and all things gentlemanly.   
The boy became a man right before my eyes, thrilling, frightening, challenging, humoring, and inspiring me every day along the way. Love him? Of course, to pieces and more. He is a man of honor and courage, passion and conviction, discipline and fortitude, talent and humility, power and grace. And so much more. 

On stage or off the actor, the man is tailored to every moment. He approaches life with the wide-eyed wonderment of childhood augmenting that sense of joy with searing sensibility and methodical, insightful planning. As much as he has achieved he has so much more to encounter, conquer. For he may be about to turn thirty, but in some ways, he has only just begun.

Happy Birthday, Son. "Break Legs"    


  1. We are emotional twins when it comes to our sons, Deborah.

    He is a fine young man. Nicely done. :-)

    Your writing AND you son!!

  3. 30 all ready!?!? Isn't that astounding? Doesn't that make you stop and think for a minute? My 'baby' is going to be 28 this spring and I can't quite believe it...

  4. Thanks WordsRock, Kmae.

    e, yes, it does make me stop and think, often. Believe it. :-)

  5. Aw, proud mommy. Well said.

  6. Wow...he looks so familiar to me. Has he done something on television or in the movies?

  7. @Maria...he's pretty much a stage guy but has done a couple of commercials, a print ad for Zatarain's (though I don't think that has hit the street yet) and he had a small, but pivotal role in a short that was touted in film festival over the last year and a half.


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