Friday, March 02, 2012

Moving to Living

Our little family of companies has been moving this week. It feels deja vu-ish as it was just June 2011 that we moved to where we are moving from. now. Still, as familiar as many of the activities are, this move feels different in a way.

First off, the owner bought the building that we're moving into and that has an, ahhh...finally, a home, kind of feel to it all. Secondly, the building we're moving into has some history. It recently housed a museum and some of the artifacts were left behind by the most recent owners.

Our owner decided to keep some of those, at least for a time. Fun, that.

As excited and eager as I am to settle into our new space, there is also a sense of nervousness. This move comes at the heels of the most challenging 18 or so months of my working life. Business has been bad and we've squeaked by but we are all showing the wear and tear of frustration. And the move? It will either finish us or be our saving grace.

If I were to bet, I'd place my chips on survive and thrive for a number of reasons a couple of which are the owner's commitment to success and the number 3 in our new address. This is my 33rd year with the family of companies (in its many incarnations). The most recent previous location aside, there has been a number 3 in every business (and home -save one-) address of my adult life.

I'm not superstitious or anything, but . . . well, it's THREE.


  1. Best of luck then - both with the biz and that suit of...armor?

  2. What kind of museum? Because that could be important....

  3. Anonymous4:49 AM


    Wow the armor looks pretty cool and how exciting that your new space was once a museum ... so much history :-)

    Good luck with it all hunny :-)

    Oh ... Ive just subscribed to your blog via the email section ... I get to read every post yay ... I do miss my old blogging days with you girlies :-) xXx


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