Saturday, March 17, 2012

never let them see me cry*

the week tested my mettle in more ways than one. it made me cancel plans to celebrate with my very dear friend one of those milestone birthdays. missing the event pained me deeply and will haunt me for days, if not weeks to come. it made me concerned over my financial present and scared me shit-less over my financial future. it made me cry. it made me sick. it made me tired, weary, and just . . . damn.


i held it together, mostly.  thanks in large part to the presence and help of a new friend.  her listening to me this week, the silver around all the clouds.

she and i are navigating a path toward being more than friends. but for now a friend is what i needed and a friend is what she's been and for that i am truly grateful.  that said, traveling the path toward more . .  the thought, the moves, those feelings made the week bearable and the prospect of beyond, brighter, no matter what.

*six word saturday submission   


  1. Crying is actually good for us...and sometimes it's good to just let it all out!

  2. TELL! What's she like? Does she live near you? How did you meet? C'MON!

  3. Sorry it's been so hard. Sending thoughts for better days.

    In the meantime, though, I agree with Maria. Dish, girl. We need deets!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I wrote these facts a while back on my blog (because I cry quite regularly myself)

    - Women cry 30-64 times in a year
    - Men cry only 6-17 times a year

    Research from German Society of Opthamology found women cry mostly because they feel inadequate or when they remember past events. Men are more likely to shed tears out of empathy or due to a relationship breakdown. Men cry only for a few minutes where as women cry longer and harder.

    Crying is good for us - it helps release tension and helps rid our bodies of a build up of chemicals and hormones.

    I know that doesn't solve any of your problems - but maybe tears are better out than in. Hope things improve for you

  5. You know my google and fb chat are always open to you's all good...rinse, lather, repeat...xo

  6. sorry to hear you had a rough week. happy to hear of the new friend. having something to look forward to is a wonderful tonic.


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