Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, here we are in October. OCTOBER!! Beyond the middle of October. In 10 days October will be over and then . . .  well, then

That said, as Octobers go this one has been okay. Sure, some ups and downs, ins and outs, pluses and minuses but that is the tale of the tape of every month. Every month in recent history anyway.

I will elaborate about the events of recent weeks (beyond the loss of D-dog, gaining a Cinnamon, and daughter's big day) over the next few, perhaps. But for now the biggest item on my personal agenda is the failure to maintain exercise goals. There are a myriad of reasons some might say excuses, but suffice to say the lack of discipline, diligence, and consistency is weighing heavily on my mind (and knees.)

This weekend past was the most productive, active  on several fronts than the many before it and the thrust is to build, build, build upon what worked and continue the stride. Recent rainy days aside the weather was been ideal for walking and / or riding.

Falling into step. Stat.


  1. I've given it up at the moment, so I must say good for you!

    I can't wait to join you and get on this bandwagon! November, I suspect. This time November. (Oh good, just in time for Thanksgiving!)

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    You have a lot of people in your life that you take care of. Make sure you are still taking care of you!

  3. So easy to fall out of the habit! I haven't been going to the gym of late, mostly because of time constraints but also because I was riding my bike to work every day. Now the weather has turned wet and I'm not on my bike much anymore... so ... yeah ... back to the gym. It's a challenge! Let's do it!

  4. @ Em: got a good walk in this morning and looking to take a good long one this evening on the way home. I'm looking forward to the company on the bandwagon. :-)

    @ NCP: Indeed. Yes. thank you

    @ e:Yes, it is easy. I haven't been on the bike much (even the gym bike.) But yes, challenge! LET'S!!


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