Sunday, September 15, 2013

All Ears

Pete as "Yoda" 
Buttah as "Yoda" 
While marketed as "Yoda" ears, I think they look more like a "flying nun" accessory. On the plus, the daughter (who loves dressing up the fur babies) only purchased one set. The cats get to share, which I'm sure (if they could speak) would be all, "oh, goody, goody, gumdrops" about that fact. 

Buttah seemed the more agreeable of the two over donning and posing in the ears. Though, Buttah is nearly always the more agreeable of the two. Ms. Cinnamon got saved from any new costuming. The daughter's budget will not allow, for now. 

Speaking of Cinnamon, the wonder dog, she's in dire need of another haircut. Schedules and budgets have not allowed.  But come heck or high water, IT. MUST. HAPPEN! While I like her micro curls, her face and feet are much too fuzzy. Decision must be made about how best to showcase her innate beauty.  

In other news yours truly is struggling to keep emotions in check. Tears are flowing easy like Sunday morning.  

Speaking of yours truly, of great interest to daughter who finds herself  Fantasy Footballing,  Bears are 2-0 which matters not to yours truly except as in a purely conversational sense.And on that note: Must get to bed now, well, not to bed to sleep so much as to read before sleep. 

Ta Ta  


  1. Oh dear. Dressing up the fur babies. Yes, we are guilty of that as well. But, it's just the little dog. Although, he does own 6 or 7 shirts/jackets and one wee tie. In our defense, he loves to wear the shirts. I think he feels more secure.

    The cats won't have anything to do with that nonsense.

    Try getting an electric clipper and see if you can trim the Wonder Dog's feet and face yourself. I used to give my big old dog haircuts regularly. I wasn't good at it, mind you, but her hair was shorter in the end.

    And, emotions, well, I envy you the ability to let the tears flow.

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    2. I could go eons without putting one piece of clothing on either cat or the dog. But daughter enjoys the sport. I can't say any of them enjoy it as tolerate.

      We tested the clipper with the dog and it was perhaps...too soon. She is a skittish young pup and hard to hold. The idea may be re-visited.

      As inopportune they are at times, I am glad to have that release. I'm sorry you aren't as graced.

  2. Those cats pix will keep me smiling all day.

    My daughter, when she was young, would put a baby bonnet on the one cat who would graciously tolerate it, and walk her around in a baby carriage. That cat wouldn't tolerate such silliness from anyone else but quietly grinned and bore it for my youngest.

    I have a lot of tears too, but mostly for joyful things. Age? Hormones? I don't know. But I am also way past wanting or needing to make excuses for them.

    1. :-) They are a sight, aren't they. :-)

      My kids didn't have pets as children thus the daughter is getting all that out now, I suppose.

      No, no excuses.

  3. Our dog will not even wear a kerchief after he gets groomed. He is stubborn.

    But, he is a Scottish Terrier and so I understand how bummy some dogs get to looking without a good grooming. He doesn't share my feelings, fights us with every once of his muscles and then once we get to the groomers, he ignores us and acts as if he adores the man who gently tends to him. I'm serious. He's like a vindictive little child. He is mad as a wet hen and will not even look at us until we come to pick him up, get him out of the blasted kerchief and make a fuss over how gallant and handsome he is.

    1. Cinnamon just got her 'do done, she's all puffy now. Daughter is kicking herself for not requesting a bow. The trip did, however result in a new costume.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS, I screamed so loud with the unbearable cuteness of these photos, my husband came running from the bedroom thinking I had fallen or something.

  5. Pete is all like "what fresh hell is THIS." Buttah seems to be questioning " Do you really think the shade of green is right with my coloring?" I needed this so badly. And as for tears....


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