Sunday, April 20, 2014


Jillian Michaels said, "let's face it, you're obese!" I wasn't offended. I invited her opinion. I'd voluntarily gone to her website, filled out the questionnaire, and invited her to opine on my status and perhaps advice as to what I should might be less . .  (didn't / don't consider myself obese, but . . . ) less large.

Disclosure: I've never watched "The Biggest Loser".  I know of it due to it's (and by association, her) popularity and the show and / or contestants showing up in mainstream media from time to time; most recently, the criticism of a victor's extreme weight loss. I didn't really consider that I'd become a member of the BL bandwagon, I was just curious as to what her program would offer me for free and if that were anything different from what I could get elsewhere.

It wasn't.

The basic message was take in less, burn more: calories. 

Intellectually, I know this. Emotionally, I get it. As most of us know, it is much easier said than done.

I've been up and down this road these last few years. Most recently, I admit, more down and up

However, been there, done that, must do it again. Re-booting the campaign. I must. I not only huff and puff about the way I look, but huff and puff about the way I feel. I don't like the huffing and puffing.

So, with no thanks or offense to Jillian and her crew's program,  I will get back to what has worked in the past, tweaking to allow for my advanced age and other . . . advancements. Thankfully, time has come to get outside, get Melody out from under the stairs and on the road.  Adjustment to my diet began in earnest last week with further adjustments on tap for this week and beyond.

The loss won't be epic. It won't be quick. It certainly won't be easy. But, I will have measurable success.My emotional and physical health depends on some measure of success.

Goal set. Clock begun. Wheels turning.And a weigh we  go.


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Shrinkie, shrinkie! You can do it! - Tiff

    1. Thanks Tiff. I keep the spirit of Shrinking Piggies close at hand. :-)

  2. My partner and I are starting this week also. It is time.

    I went to Jillian's site to find out I should only eat 1028 calories a day. What?? I am obviously going to have to do more on the burn more calories end of things.

    But I'm with you. The weather has turned and my bike is ready.

    Please do share whatever tips and strategies are working for you. I could seriously use the help.

    Good luck!

    1. I most definitely will. I'm anxious to keep back to my 10,000 steps a day, eating (and drinking) more fruit and vegetables, in addition to riding the warmer evenings away. Thank you, the same to you two, too. :-)

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Blogger just ate a long comment of mine. Sigh, blogger. Sigh.

    I am not a fan of Ms. Michael's. For so many reasons it would be hard to settle on just one. So I would take anything that her mean girl website has to say with a grain of salt.

    That said, as you know, I'm in the midst of trying to lose some weight myself. I'm approaching it from a weird way, but it's working. Slowly. :)

    Right there with you, sweetie!


    1. Well fudge. :-( As I mentioned, for me JM and her ilk are comic relief. Though, I do think for the those lacking proper discipline and knowlege--they an be dangerous.

      Slow and steady, steady and slow, that's the way I we go. :-)

  4. We're all in it together! Together and separately.

    I got on Helen and rode to work three times last week. Yay! Talk about huffing and puffing! Woof. But, as we all do, I know the basics and there really isn't any mystery to it. Eat (and drink) less and exercise more. Boom.

    Here's to all of us succeeding again!

    1. Hooray. While riding to work is not an option for me (anymore) ::sigh:: I will work to get in as much as possible. Sadly, it was raining after work today, but on any day that it isn't and no chores on tap, Melody and I will be rolling on. :-)

  5. I was looking through one of my daughter's clothes catalogs (Southward Apparel?) the other day and I was appalled at the extreme skinniness of the models. Their arms looked like toothpicks. I think society has a very convoluted idea of what is fat now and what isn't.

    1. True, society does. I do not aspire to any of those so-called ideals. So, in some world I'll always be seen as overweight. Heck, possibly even obese because I won't look like a toothpick. I'm okay with that. ;-)


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