Monday, May 05, 2014

Oh, By the Way

As luck, fate, and/or serendipitous brio might have it, last week was full of wind, rain, cold . . . drear. And so, the plan to pedal at least 30 minutes every other day or so was thwarted. So, no Melody until very late Saturday afternoon.

Early evening, actually.

Melody and I cruised the the second nearest park. Once there we rode the perimeter of the park four or five times, took the scenic route home.If if had to guess, I'd say we logged about 5 miles. It was slow going and a bit challenging what with the high winds and lack of movement throughout the week.

But as is in her nature, Melody supported me well.

Hopefully the coming week will yield better weather conditions.

In other news:

1. I'm angling for the opportunity to visit new business, BFF Bikes soon.

2. The actor just wrapped a show. And has begun another.  And just as he closes that one, the next one will     be about ready to boot. 

3. Buttah has an eye infection. He's been on meds for a couple of days now and is improving.

4. A friend sent me some art supplies.They are happily integrated and will be in use very soon. Thank         you so very much!

5. THIS is one creepy commercial.

6. I submitted a sample (the first third of the last post) to this site, thanks to a friend's FB posting.
    The result: Stephen King.

I must really get to bed now. I hope everyone has a kick-ass Monday (and beyond).

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Kudos for your bike ride. 30 minutes is great. We've had the dreary weather also. I've managed to get to the gym but what I really want is to get my garden started.

    It must be an amazingly proud experience to watch your son pursue his dream.

    Poor Buttah. Glad to hear he's improving.

    I made the mistake of watching that commercial. Now I have to go bleach my brain to get rid of it.

    Lastly, please tell me those are your socks and sneaks in the picture. They made me smile big time.

    1. I just want to be able to be consistent. I can't wait a full week to ride again. I hope the weather cooperates--for your garden, as well. .

      It IS. :-)

      Yeah, he's not nuts about taking his meds, but is doing it.

      I know, riiiight?

      Yes, I confess. My socks. My sneaks. Official Melody gear. :-)

  2. Love the socks! So very gay!

    Love the bike riding, too, even though it is starting out spotty. My ride has been spotty as well. Some days are sunny and many are pouring down rain. Sigh. Take them when you can get them, right?

    Yay for the actor!
    Sorry about Buttah, but glad he's getting better.
    And the art stuff? ALL GOOD!
    (I did not watch the creepy commercial...)

    Ride on, friend!

    1. Yes, love me some gay. :-)

      Indeed. Hopefully, the tide is turning and weather will present more routinely good.

      Thank you.

      Yay for you. I hope the company selects a new campaign soon.

      You too. :-)

  3. Love the zip in your words. And, of course, your socks.


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