Monday, December 01, 2014

Something Old, Something New

The idea of getting up at the ass crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving to brave crowds, mania, and in most cases, horrible weather to score a killer deal on __________ whatever is as attractive as sticking hot pokers in my eyes.

Now, I like sales and bargains as much as the next penny watching consumer. But, there are limits. And that which embodies the so called Black Friday is at the top of the limit list.

My Fridays after Thanksgiving have historically found me eating leftovers, watching holiday movies, getting a jump on weekend chores, playing board games, reading, writing, in short, chilling the frack out. The plan was for this one to be more of the same. Even more so since I'm fighting off the emotional tides of grief.

Then came an event called The "New" Black Friday. I discovered the event through my good friend Maxine and it sounded tailor made; something I could do from home, creating lists, sharing with a community of folks IF you wanted.

Hello. Yes.

So, in addition to some usual household tasks, watching movies, and laughing with my son and daughter I spent some of Friday (and beyond, to be honest) creating love lists, gathering materials, and beginning the constructing of same.

Great fun. A project that will occupy some of my down time over the next couple of weeks. Not, that I needed a new project, mind you--but this is well worth sliding others to the back burner temporarily.

Welcome to December 1st*

*micro blogging Monday            


  1. What a great antidote to the Black Friday madness!

  2. That is a fun project. Stress relieving instead of stress-inducing. I avoid all retail areas like the plague on Black Friday. And really, every day from Thanksgiving until New Years. It's awful. I won't go near malls or anything other than the grocery store for the next few weeks.

  3. I don't know where my comment went !?!?!?

    Anyway, Martha and my daughters go out at midnight on Black Friday and don't come back til the next afternoon. They love the chaos and energy. I am more of the stay home cookie baker and home made gift maker.

    Thanks for the simply celebrate site - sounds like my kind of wonderful.

    1. There is something weird going on with comments. I'm trying the moderate function to see if that goes toward solving some of the issue.. :-(

      My daughter has and while not this year, I'm sure she will again. Not my basket of crescent rolls, at. all.

  4. I hope the moderate function works! (I have actually had good luck commenting tonight, so I figured I'd come here and try my luck.)

    I love this idea as well. I'm thinking I'll do this, but probably not last Friday, since the time machine is on the fritz.

    1. And look, the luck held!!

      The best thing about a good idea is it is as good on any random Friday as any other day. :-)

  5. That Black Friday business is for the boids.

    1. And we all know how I feel about boids!! Oh wait, mayb e you all don't know. Suffice to say, I don't like (great clusters and by great 4 or more) of boids. Gathering. Lurking. Waiting.

      Speaking of . . there is a documentary, "A Murder of Crows" It's old but I just heard about it this week.


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