Monday, July 31, 2006

☐35-45 ☐Over

The candles extinguished, only crumbs remain of the double-chocolate, double layer circle of sweetness. The dust has settled on the weekend of celebratory events and it was fine. The first gift to myself, an entire weekend free of work; no schedules, reports or recruiting responsibilities. I even managed to snag seven full hours of sleep on Thursday night, signaling a mighty fine start to the Over celebrations..

The principles in my life, having different schedules and styles, each devised their own tribute to me this weekend.

On Friday, YL invited me to join her and co-workers, along with their chargees at
KiddieLand. Hanging out with 3-5 year olds, some experiencing inner-tube, lazy river rides for the first time was more than worth the price of admission.

Later that evening I had a date to go dancing with YM. He took me to Chicago's Summer Dance event, featuring East Coast Swing dancing. We, along with many others, were taught some basic jitterbug steps by top instructors. We were then let loose to dance our happy feet away to the music of the
Rhythm Rockets. After a sangria or two, it didn't even feel like 90 degrees in the shade. It was a blast.

I played tourist on Saturday. Mom treated me to lunch at a favorite spot, Lone Star and then a trip to
Navy Pier. We saw throngs of people, a very large Ferris Wheel, cruise ships, speed boats, a lighthouse and fantastic views of the Chicago skyline. I don't normally have time for this kind of folly and haven't been to the pier in a few years. In spite of the crowds, it was peaceful.

Mom did have me running errands and had a chore of two for me beforehand, but that was to be expected, really. I tried to relax and let the day unfold; eventually, it did.

Sunday, my birthday, began predictably enough, with a phone call from mom at 6:30 a.m. (she'd forgotten I was not working this day) with a Happy Birthday wish, several questions about facts and figures not yet in evidence (mom has a 20 questions approach to conversation) and further wishes for a good day. I tried in vain to go back to sleep.

Ah well, up now and with the household asleep, I prepared and ate a leisurely breakfast, took a couple of loads to the laundry-mat, returned home and took a nap. YM was up and about when I woke and while preparing to go on another audition, told me funny stories about his Saturday night. YL arose and we made plans to go out for a meal and a movie. I had
Chicken Piccata, it was divine. We saw, The Devil Wears Prada, finally, it ws a gem.

Much later, we all had cake (and ice cream for me) a cocktail or two and then it was done. It's official, one more Over is added to the check-list. The 46th birthday is booked. Now it's back to work, to diet, back to routines, recollections and expectations.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous birthday... well... with the exception of the 6:30am phone call from your mother. :)

    Happy birthday, my friend.
    Here's to many more!

  2. Well happy belated. Good times.

  3. Don't let those "back to's" get ya down. Happy Birthday. You're a very special person. :)

  4. wordsrock: 6:30, yeah, mom is Thanks!

    cj: Thank you!

    wenwhit: I'm going to try, I'm hoping to ride sugar wave for at least another day. wow-thank you :)

  5. Oh Deborah!!! Happy Happy!!!
    You're only 46?? hehe. Ya little wippersnapper.

    EGADs!!! What a fabulous celebration, you are so loved!

    Ah Deb?... Your _ _ _ _ mother calling you at 0600 on you BIRTHDAY, let alone on any day??? Since you know her so well, you should have pulled the plug befor going to sleep. But then she'd probably come bang on your door.

    Boundaries, girl. It's a new year!

  6. Happy Birthday, mon ami!

  7. kmae: ONLY 46?? Thanks!!! loads. Believe me, answering is better than has slowed, somewhat though.

    Thank you much, gunfighter.

  8. Happy Birthday, chick!! I'm certainly glad someone out there is older than me but I will be joining you in a couple months.

    Sounds like you had a great time. Perhaps one of your 'back tos' should be back to jitterbugging.

    I hope your 46th year on earth is a joyful one.

  9. In a couple of months huh? Come on in, the water's fine (so far) course it's only been a couple of days.

    Back to jitterbugging would be very good--floating the hope.

    Thank you, I'll do my part, just need the universe to cooperate.

  10. Sounds absolutely fabulous, all the way around. I hope the year ahead is full of everything you wish it to be, and a few things you might not even have imagined as yet. Happy Birthday!


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