Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Good? Yeah it's all good, Morning

What gets you up in the morning? The alarm, dogs, cats (or other pets,) garbage trucks rumbling by, birds chirping in nearby trees or feeders, wind chimes, kids, lover, the call of nature, the call of the wild, a bad dream, a good dream, the smell of bacon, or coffee, applause, (applause?) The sun shining through the windows or rain pounding on the roof?

Is it the will? The will to start a new day. The will to succumb to the dream that this will be your day The day you find your true love. The day you get to say to your loves, you love them, again. The day that is not yesterday and gives your yet, more hope for tomorrow.

Is is the wanting? To start learning that second language, start that building project, to make that reservation to see your Aunt Betty in Maryland, registering in that on-line course, to see the sun and to hear that song you heard for the first time yesterday and simply and instantly fell in love.

Is is the need? To work, play, parent, mentor, read, write, draw, sculpt, love and be loved. Live.

Or, is it just the ringing phone, again.


  1. It's usually the dogs. Or the alarm. Or, of late, Suzanne poking me because I'm ignoring the alarm.

    I find on weekends that I do look forward the day, the future, the opportunities. During the workweek, it's all about doing what must be done.


    Then I DO enjoy watching Regis & Kelly, and The View.

    Okay, so I don't really "Get Up," I just wake up.

    Eventually I gotta make Tea, but then I crawl back in bed with it.

    Languishing... It's an Art!

    Nice writing by the way.

  3. These days I actually beat the alarm. (Who sleeps?) And ! ! weekdays are all about the day and what needs to be done. Weekends :(
    much too short-but a bit more freedom of wonder.

  4. It's usually just a matter of my eyes opening, involuntarily. The rest comes later.

    After coffee.

    Lots and lots of coffee.

  5. Not wanting to get fired can have quite an influence on getting up during the week. On the weekends, I don't know, sometimes all of the above.

  6. For me, it's more the fear of not wanting, of becoming flat and dull and one-dimensional... and, in the back of my mind, unnecessary.

    I get up day after day because one never knows what day life will cease to exist. I don't want to miss the time I have.

    Egad. What am I saying? I get up because the dogs need to go out. The rest just follows.

  7. I get up at 4:15 on weekdays... as acustomed to it as I am, it ain't happenin' without the alarm clock... and the occaisional shove from my wife.


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