Thursday, July 13, 2006


Three people got on the crowded train car this morning, talking amicably with one another about, whatever. I don't really know what they were talking about, I was really trying to concentrate on my book. which is getting harder and harder to do these days. Anyway, the subject turned to food. My ears immediately perked. I wasn't really trying to listen. I really couldn't avoid hearing, they were standing directly over me.

It seems that their workplace is going to have some kind of banquet. Apparently, the location and the menu has not yet been decided. Each party had suggestion. I heard burgers, Italian beefs and it got somewhat noisy so I could really hear the connecting phrases. I don;t know if there were any preferences one way or the other until, one of the three, said, "I'm not trying to have no ham hocks in my egg rolls."

Once my internal guffaws ( at the image of these huge hunks of fatty *meat* wrapped in an egg roll ) subsided, I thought about food and the kind of food that appeals to me.

The traditional soul food fare is not really my choice; ham hocks make me gag. Much of the food stuffs I'd grown up eating, I don't eat much now, unless, my mother or one of her sisters does the cooking. I think my favorite food is Italian. I say, think because Mexican is really up there too. I like to go out for both. I've tried to prepare a few dishes, they came out ok, but... practice continues. Lasagna and spinach enchiladas make my mouth water.

Some vestiges of childhood remain, though. Chicken is still a staple. We prepare chicken in some form at least once a week Later in life health concerns, however, limits fried to once a month. And as boneless, skinless chicken breasts rest in my freezer often, grilled or baked chicken ala anything is usually on the menu.

And speaking of chicken, I want to know who in the hell came up with the Famous Bowl. Are you familiar with the KFC Famous Bowl? A bowl of mashed potatoes, topped with gravy, topped with battered chicken turds, topped with corn kernels, topped with cheese. Yuck, Yuck and more yuck, talk about gagging. If I wasn't boycotting KFC I would be in there asking them to take that hideous poster down.


  1. You don't know what you are missing MG. Think thanksgiving leftovers casserole. Tres yum!

    The mashed potato bowl is my current fast food fix replacing onion rings and a coke float from Sonic.

  2. now that I am old and crochety - fast food is simply not on the menu.
    the closest thing to fast food for us is .20 cent wings and a pitcher of beer on wednesdays.

  3. Damnit I wish Sonic would open a franchise up here!

    Suzanne helped me learn "cooking" is not synonymous with "frying." Those little individually frozen boneless skinless breasts (and even better now, the strips!) are a must-have in our freezer.

    I'm with you on the Mexican food, TOD. Mmmm. I've had to make a conscious choice to cut back on the fast food due to health/weight considerations, but I cannot imagine giving up Mexican. Nope, nuh uh, ain't gonna happen.

    The KFC bowl just doesn't work for me. Some tastes and textures are better left alone, not be combined until ingested. :)

    Damn, I love to talk about food.

  4. maxine: Sorry, no. Casseroles and I are not good friends. The onion rings and coke float sound fab, though--sadly, no Sonic nearby.

    weese: I'm almost there, if not for health alone-the service keeps me away.

    wenwhit: Yum, Yummy food talk is grrreaattt!

  5. Oh, lord. I have a confession. My first ever job, started on my 16th birthday and lasting for two years, was at KFC. I was the Queen. And my favorite meal to eat onsite? A bowl of mashed potatoes, topped with corn, a piece of chicken picked apart and tossed in, all smothered in gravy and stirred to perfection. The cheese, not so much. I'm irritated now I didn't patent the concoction. It was AWESOME.

    While I'm on the subject of KFC, they used to have the best chicken breasts. They cut up the bird in nine pieces, including two ribs and one big meaty center breast. Anyone else remember that? It really made me sad when they stopped.


    About food?

    Yes. Because I am a freak, thank you very much.

  6. "battered chicken turds".....
    Perfect description.

    Gosh, I'm trying to eat healthy over here. I REALLY miss Italian food - the kind I like: Spaghetti & Meatsauce, Lasgna, Ziti, & Carino's has a fab Skillitini. damn. Trying to stay away from pasta & cheese, but it is Definately my favorite.
    oh, well.

  7. I can't even bear to watch the commercials for the KFC Infamous Bowl. Nothing appeals less, even were I to be starving. I've been known to say out loud, "Who would eat that mess?!?" Now I know.

    But casseroles! Oh I'm the queen of casseroles. Toss a bunch of good things in a dish and make it saucy? I'm all over it. Anything I can eat over rice makes me very very happy.

    Wendy and I are doing better eating stuff that's good for us these days. Sometimes I hate being a grownup.

  8. Jennifer: Darn. Opportunity missed, but there you go. Who knew?

    kmae: Ok enough with the pasta talk.

    wordsrock: Grown-up food choices can sometimes be a drag. Anything? over rice? Anything?

  9. I love Mexican food.

    I love Casseroles.

    I love Italian food... and I make great meatsauce.

    I love food.

    I don't think I'd eat the "famous bowl"

    Sounds right nasty! (but not as nasty as chitlin's... and I'm not going to eat THAT either@!)

  10. gunfighter: Weird, but I do eat chitlin's, well, I used to. I decided that they were just too much trouble, so I don't prepare them anymore and I will. not. eat. anyone else's.


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