Monday, July 24, 2006

Fiftieth Post: The 100 (Too Much, Too Late?)

Ah well.
1. I'm a list maker.
2. Ergo, a list I must make.
3. I am a mother of two, a son and a daughter.
4. I once thought two sons would be best.
5. I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.
6. Don't get it twisted, a lot of the years (especially teens) were surreal.
7. The mom muscles were stretched to New Mexico and back, many times over.
8. Still flexing as needed.
9. Hard work and luck brought us to where we are today.
10. Truth is fundamental.
11. I believe we owe it to our children to be as honest as their age allows.
12. I also believe in doses of whimsy and fantasy.
13. I am nosy, usually and especially where son and daughter are concerned.
14. I am a daughter.
14. This is my hardest job, yet.
15. I am a sister.
16. I don't even know if I know what it means to be their sister.
17. I read, always.
18. I read for work, for growth, for fun.
20. I read for LIFE.
21. I wear glasses.
22. I like wearing glasses, NO contacts for me.
23. And if you don't get that laser out of my face, there will be trouble.
24. I fall asleep, (when I sleep) with my glasses on, often.
25. Not being able to see frightens me.
26. Heights, sometimes not even so great, make me wobbly.
27. Not a fan of water (deep, lake or ocean variety) either.
28. OK for gazing upon not for cavorting within.
29. I like writing letters.
30. Well, writing, period.
31. I like to draw and paint.
32. Hooking rugs and other crafty arts took up time in my space too.
33. I was once an art major.
34. I haven't tweaked those tendencies in some time.
35. This will change.
36. I used to play piano.
37. I will again.
38. I like plants and flowers.
39. But, please, for the love of Lucy, keep those images off my clothes.
40. Love is fundamental.
41. I have blissfully romantic notions.
42. My marriage was not a casualty of my sexuality.
43. It was over long before certain realizations surfaced.
44. And became real.
45. Real love has been a stranger to me.
46. When we meet...Ah sweet.
47. Movies I like very much.
48. Movie theaters, not so.
49. I like live theatre, especially when my son is on stage. (surprise)
50. I can be silly.
51. Most who know me, don't know that.
52. I struggle against being defined or typed. My landscape is not like any other.
53. I despise labels and the resulting assumptions.
54. Free form, freedom is fundamental.
55. Ooh, big ball sports, bring it on!
56. Soccer, women, so much more than men.
57. Abby Wambach rules the pitch.
58. Volleyball, Gym not beach.
59. Women, not men.
60. Basketball, college not pro.
61. See 59.
62. Some small ball, yes?
63. Tennis, softball, baseball too.
64. And what is winter without football?
65. I don't have a cell phone anymore.
66. I will have to get a cell phone, again. Aarrgghh.
67. Acronyms and other shortcuts, irritating they may be, are a necessary functionary sign of the times. :( wtf ?

68. I do not smoke.
69. I have never voluntarily smoked.
70. I have been a victim.
71. Multiple crimes, multiple times.
72. Most were perpetrated by a family member.
73. Honor is fundamental.
74. Music is a healing force.
75. The force takes me across many boundaries, into many worlds.
76. Contrary to this current display, I do not like talking about myself.
77. Forging new relationships is tough for me.
78. I am genuinely, though, less painfully, shy.
79. I tend not to scream.
80. I can be a control enthusiast.
81. Saying f-u-c-k makes my stomach queasy.
82. But is does fly from my mind and mouth, from time to tome.
83. I hardly write it, though.
84. When I was younger, I wanted to be a boy.
85. And in no particular order, a journalist.
86. An impressionist.
87. A musician.
88. A photographer.
89. An athlete and more.
90. Dreams are fundamental.
91. Years ago, I was hit by a truck.
92. No broken bones, but I was sore for a l o n g time afterward.
93. As a full-time pedestrian and bicyclist, I am an even more considerate motorist.
94. I used to dance like no one was watching.
95. I need to do that more.
96. I accept who I was. I like her, finally.
97. Deep, slow, sweet kisses are fundamental.
98. Hugs are as necessary as air.
99. Learning is fundamental.

100. The journey continues.


  1. Love the fundamentals.
    Love this list.

    I am intrigued by item 69.

    And fear not, I've got 81 covered for us both. No need to make yourself sick.

  2. My, my, aren't we the existentialist.

    This is one of the most intriguing 'about' lists I've ever read.

  3. Good list.
    Hear ya on 72.
    So sad.

  4. Great, great list. And I especially love the ending. ;-)

  5. Yes,cj lists do indeed rule-me anyway.

    Item 69, wordsrock, has to do with a lion, a witch and a reaally, a kid (me) a *parent* (dad) and well, I'll tell about it sometime...just to 81-ing weird.

    Why, yes Elizabeth we are-and thanks :)

    kmae, yup, sad but I'm healing.
    and Jennifer, thanks :) :)

  6. A most enjoyable list. I've been slaving over mine for a week now. I'm still trying to decide how personl I should make it.

    I find women who wear glasses sexy.

  7. Thanks Bent, I know the feelig. I mulled much. Good Luck!



  8. #23 Very funny.

    Had the laser last year... gotta be ablr to see to use a rifle, eh?

    Love your list!

  9. Yeah, gunfighter, I suppose, but glasses work just fine for what I do, so far anyway.


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