Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bits on a Thursday

Mom has called every day this week asking about my labs. I had blood drawn on Saturday morning for the routine screenings connected to my routine annual physical. No, I don’t have the results (as of yesterday). “You are very patient”, says she. These weren’t urgent, it is routine. Anxious is her middle name.

I was nearly run over yesterday. Shhhh, don’t tell Neta (or my mom or my daughter). I had a rant all booted up to talk about the dipshit who blew a red light and nearly turned off my lights. I’ve calmed down some, mostly because this kind of thing happens much too frequently. Such are the hazards of walking and pedaling among thousands of motorized vehicles, handled by moronic, inconsiderate speed demons.

Holly sheets!!

A friend of my daughter’s had to swim away from his car on Monday. He was driving down River Rd. when suddenly it became…a river. A mis-calculation had him stranded in the middle of a flooded intersection. Daughter drove out to rescue him, bummed by the fact that Micky D’s was closed. Of course it was…there is a river of water where the sidewalks used to be. He was able to salvage his tools and textbooks (studying to be an auto mechanic) and his teacher says car may not necessarily be toast.

It is harder to be a daughter than a mother. That may not be universal, could just be in my universe. Not, mind you, that mothering son and daughter didn’t have challenges along the way (or still) it’s just that I felt surer of my own steps in those regards.

I got word that dad (& wife) evacuated for Gustav by heading to Georgia. For all I know they may still be there. dad James celebrated his 70th birthday at the beginning of this month. I have no idea what form that celebration took. I wasn’t in that loop.

I broke down and gave a cousin my email address, hoping that maybe we could “re-connect” in some meaningful way. I thought that she, being 5 or so years my senior might be able to offer some insight from the over 50 point of view. A few of her messages so far:
FWD: Guurl I just got my nails did FWD: Men! ! FWD: Prom day in the ‘hood

Sometimes I feel like I sprang from a pod. I am one of them, but I’m not.

Neta’s newest nickname for me is “Detail Deb” as my tales tend to go a little long. Heh!

My wasband took to calling me “chocolate” for a time. Yours truly didn't feel endeared by the term.


  1. Glad you are ok Deborah. I tell ya, I think that I have begun to lose my faith in mankind as a whole. I sure hope not, but I swear these days..... Also understand the feeling of "How is it that we are related?" Geesh. Glad daughter's friend made it out of the car ok. That "River Sidwalk" is NOT sounding too good.
    "Detail Deb" too funny! Have a Great Friday Girl. :-)

  2. Sounds like your daughter's friend was very lucky!

    I saw a moronic (love that word!) driver almost run down the crossing guard and a group of kids at dismissal today. He went barelling around a corner, didn't pay any attention to the fact the guard was in the middle of the road, and was crossing a group of elementary school children. I think he stopped maybe 4 feet from them. Scary.

  3. wasband?

    it is indeed harder to be a daughter than a mother. I second your motion.

  4. I nearly cracked a rib laughing at "Guurl I just got my nails did". That's some meaningful shit she's sending you, eh?

    Glad you didn't get smashed.

    BTW, the details in your stories are the very best part. (bummed that Micky D's was closed...that is just GOLD)


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