Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday PM Ramble at Random

You know the difference between minus 10 and minus 17? No, me either with the possible exception of my toes starting to tingle 5 minutes sooner in minus 17 than they did in minus 10. Let's hear it for 25 degree days. YaY!

My mom and I don't see eye-to-eye on many topics. So says she, I've contradicted her from the time I was twelve. I think more likely, it probably started at age twelve when I felt the confidence to be vocal about certain things.

I've had much more fruit in the past couple of weeks, oranges among the lot. My daughter notes that I don't eat oranges sexily, "don't eat them in front of your girlfriend." I beg to differ. Perhaps. Though, I'd have to agree, the display my daughter witnessed could not have been construed as sexy. I'm sure it was a messy display. It was a very juicy orange and it was cold. Why my daughter made a connection between me, eating oranges, and sexiness is a question for another time, perhaps another forum.

Speaking of oranges, allergies kept me from eating them (and other citrus fruit) for most of my life. Only in the last couple (or three) years have I been able to eat oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes with any type of consistency without suffering irritating outbreaks. Yuck into Yum.

That said and allergies aside, I avoided all things orange for quite a while in part because of my older brother's mis-hap and partly because oranges (and other citrus fruits) require peeling and can be messy, especially for someone like me. Though I eat oranges (and other citrus) now, I still do so in relative private and not when I'm out and about. I never even considered the sexy (or lack thereof) aspect.

Moreover, though I like oranges, I'm not wild about orange flavored products. I'm not even all that wild about bottled juices. Much too sweet for my taste.

And just one more thing about oranges, the juice of 4, combined with a bit cumin and honey make a pretty good glaze for chicken being roasted. If you cut up some veggies (potatoes, onions, celery and carrots), place them under the rack while the chicken coated and basted with the orange-sweet and savory concoction, you've got yourself a yummy side.

My quest and involvement with the group getting on a scale, acknowledging, and recording my weight has become a weekly ritual. I've gone back and forth not only with the weight, but with the value of the scale. I've gone through cycles where I avoided the scale, while still trying to maintain, there was some level of success. For a time I felt that obsessing over the number on the scale was counter-productive to the over-all goal, so I didn't weigh, except at the doctor's office and there was some measure of success there as well. I don't know which is right, which is best, never-the-less, it is my life now and in a few hours I'll know how I did this week.

While channel surfing yesterday I caught a movie somewhere in the middle. I stopped because Jennifer Beals was on screen. I read the synopsis and mildly intrigued, watched for a bit. Shortly after, my attention was diverted to something else, so I didn't finish the movie and I don't know how it ended. I'm not sure I want to know, but I'll probably seek it out on purpose at some point. Still, it got me to thinking, if there is such a gene and I do indeed possess same, it might have been nice(er) if action with the realization could have occurred sooner in my life rather then the later. Still, better later than not ever at all.

You "L" fans know that the sixth and final season begins today and of course by now you've heard or read the thrust of this new and final season. I won't spoil it here in case you haven't heard, but suffice to say, if the writers do what I fear I'll be royally ticked. But only for awhile. It's only TV, I'll get over it soon enough.

Finally, hunger is present. But not a hunger for food or even a particular food. No, not food at all.

Just to feel her, to hold her in my arms again . . .


  1. I love tangerines. But, I detest peeling them. I hate that sticky feeling that stays on my hands as I eat and why bother washing until I am done since they will just get sticky again? What I need is someone to peel them for me.....

  2. Oranges are so much dang WORK. And though I LOOOOOOOOVE them, so are grapefruit. I'm into easy fruits.

    And dooooooooood, it is seriously cold up there! My husband is balking at the thought of moving up there.

    P.S. Ran across a pic of you the other day. We need to get together again the next time we're in Chicago.

  3. Up until about 6 mos. ago I hated, and I mean HATED, oranges. Then Fran was eating one, and I tried a bite and liked it. Now I love them... especially if she peels it for me!

  4. Maria & Sassy: A peeler, now that would help.

    BA: Yeah, oranges (& grapefruit) are work, but I'm finding them both worth it, especially lately.

    Cold? Oh yeah, beyond cold. You know it has been really, really cold when folks are celebrating 25 degrees. If I didn't live here, I'd think twice about moving here, methinks.

    By all means, next time you're in the 'hood (or planning to be) give a holla.

  5. Clementines. You need one, or twelve.

    Love the random.

  6. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I LOVE things that are orange flavored...

    But I HATE oranges. Can't stand 'em.

    Except for mandarin oranges, but I think those fall more under orange-flavored than anctual oranges.

  7. Anonymous3:29 PM

    when i had multitudes of teeth pulled as a youngster the gas they used was orange scented...i swear when I smell them now I get high...

    and on a diffent cum your word verification is alway close to vagina? you have it set like that???


  8. LOL really? Always? I don't know how cum. Just lucky, I guess.


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