Friday, August 14, 2009

My, How Time Flies

A year ago last Friday, Buttah (incorrectly identified as Butter) joined the menagerie. It feels like longer, as his presence and personality has permeated every fiber, every corner of our lives. He has taken over the cat title from Pete, as Pete, more often than not defers to Buttah's judgment.

Buttah, the younger of the two cats often assumes the dominant role in their play, he teases Pete into chasing him. Though, it happens the other way as well, just not as often. Buttah, seems more interested in going outside, he's always at the door ready to dart out whenever one of us enters. He languishes in the open windows.

Diamond is still wary of Buttah and the attention he commands. She's quite jealous of his ability to hop in laps and doesn't waste any time camping by your feet, darting her nearly covered by fur liquid eyes up at you to plead her most adorable case.

Lately, Buttah has decided that five minutes before I leave for work is the new "cuddle time". If I'm sitting he'll take over my lap, or try to . . . I don't like shooing him, but shedding...I'm on my way out. the. door. almost. If I'm standing, sipping the last of whatever beverage, soaking in the last of whatever I'm listening to or watching he will pace in a circle at my feet, mewing up a storm. If that doesn't get me to sit, he'll leap (from behind) as though trying to snag a piggy-back ride or something. He can only manage to get as high as my waist.

His addition has been an experience i a very good way.


  1. I would just LOVE to have that cat!
    I LOVE yellow/orange hairy cats!!!
    He is BEAUtiful!

  2. Danielle would battle for him. Yes, he is a beauty. Thanks.

    Oh, ok..I would too. :)

  3. I once dated a woman with a cat who was madly in love with me (much more than the woman cared for me.) I would be standing ANYWHERE and he would find something next to me to jump on and leap off of to land on my shoulder or head.

    Scared the hell out of me every time.

  4. I am so often tempted to add a new kitty to our household, but have no idea what to expect in terms of the current Queen's behavior toward such an addition. How do you get them used to each other? Is it normally just a "naturally work itself out" kind of thing?

  5. I get a kick out of the fact that he jumps up at you as you're getting ready to leave. Obviously he's trying to tell you you're meant to be a stay-at-home mom (or is it grandma?).

  6. Maria, a friend's cat likes to perch on the tops of doors, ledges and such. Neither of mine get up that high. I think that would scare me too.

    Thanks NCP, we think so too. :)

    Jennifer, I can tell you in our case it was a pleasant and happly fluke, I think aided by the fact that both are male and relatively young. And maybe aided by the fact that Pete hadn't been in residence all that long. It still boggles that the two cats and dog get along fairly well and in the case of Pete and Buttah, famously well.

    PF, you may be right!!


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