Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Recruit

First, thanks all for the happy birthday wishes!!!

Some time ago I made mention of a search for an assistant. I had the field narrowed down to two, with final interviews scheduled with me, general manager and owner. Well, the owner chose candidate one without even seeing candidate two. So, now after having spent three days with candidate one, I am hoping that the non-stop chatter Ms. Memphis has displayed is the result of nervous energy.

The woman can talk. And not just innocuous chit-chat like the merits of soft serve over hand-packed ice cream. No, she's broached politics, religion, private schooling, social justice programs, racism, bigotry, suicide, drug addiction, and elitism, all before lunch.

Soon (hopefully) the IT folks will have her computer up and the software the new business will employ will be viewable so that we can begin the tutorials. Soon (hopefully) I'll be given clearance to adjust her current schedule to part-time, as previously discussed. Hopefully, if all the chatter is nervous energy, it will burn off P D Q!

However, if she continues to underwhelm the owner, well . . .

Mayhaps she's just nervous. For her sake, I sure hope so and hope she can and will . . . chill.


  1. OMG, I want to pull some of my own hair out, for you. Horrible!!!

  2. I so hope so too. After all the effort to find someone, it'd better work out!

  3. I would have to say something to her. Like I tell the FA's that like to chatter back & forth while we're working, I can't talk I have to focus during the service or it will slow me down.

    Of course on a break Im blabbing like the rest of them.

    Good luck, sounds totally fucked.

  4. One of the secretaries in my office told me this long detailed story of how she had unprotected make-up sex with her ex boyfriend on her weekend.

    All of this because I asked her, "How was your weekend?"

  5. yeah... it's not good when the chatter gets out of hand.. ESPECIALLY when she's just started the job! Yikes!
    What WILL she be like when she's feeling comfy there?!!! God help ya! ;)

    Good luck!

  6. ... then again... you could tell her that you're gay and the just smile at her! ya got a 50/50 chance of her not only shutting up, but keeping FAR away from you or perhaps a future partner! jes suggestin'!!! :)

  7. Val! HAHA! Brilliant!

  8. Syd: it is.

    tiff: it'd be nice if it would, sure don't want to go through all that again.

    kmae: the saying something will likely come soon, very soon. One of the guys innocently asked, "how's the new woman doing." And after a rather lack-luster "ok" from me, he said, "chatty gal". Yes that's right, it isn't just me she deluges with verbiage.

    Maria, that's just how it has happened. Sometimes even without prompt. :(

    Oh, Val... ;)

  9. Hopefully she understands the concept of taking a breath, examining her surroundings, and adjusting accordingly! Hope she doesn't drive you batty as she works to figure it out!

    And happy belated birthday!!


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