Thursday, November 05, 2009

??????? And Then Some

Hey Debbie: How come I have not heard from you in such a long time???? What is going on???? Are things okay with you, Michael and Danielle and your mom????

My old friend is at it again.

She goes on to say she was mentioning to Stella (another former co-worker) that she hadn't heard from me in ages and ages, hope all is well, yadda yadda... Stella relayed to Joan (as reported by Joan) that she hadn't heard from me either. Note: Stella was burned out of her apartment nearly two years ago and I've yet to receive notice of her re-location address and I never had her phone number. Even before the fire, Stella didn't respond to my letters. Yes, actual letters. Any Stella news came from Joan.

After a couple of letters and no reply, I stopped writing.

Joan finishes, Please write soon and let me know that you are alright. I am getting very concerned.

Her message arrives at a time when I do not have the time, patience, or nary a hint of desire to massage her . . . whatever. Her, let me know that you are alright. I am getting very concerned sounds too much like someone much nearer and dearer to me and quite frankly I have enough on my hands and heart dealing with her various physical, emotional, and housing issues.

So Joan, I will not be writing soon. In fact, I will not be writing at all. If you call the office I may be available to speak with you, however, please know that I am very busy these days.

Never-the-less, I wish you well and when to talk with Stella, pass on my hellos.


  1. Gee Debby....
    Poor Joanie & Stellie - just SO worried & concerned for what??? Such a yawn, no? It's wierd. Why even bother to write you when they are so shallow.. barf.

  2. That is precisely the kind of email that infuriates me. I've taken to responding with a very curt "I'm fine" and hope that they interpret every bit of irritation that is implied.

  3. Anonymous3:59 PM

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  4. There is this woman that I occasionally see at a cafe that my co-workers and I go to for lunch. Sometimes I go alone. Once when I was alone, she asked to sit with me and I hesitated (I was reading and really did not want to be disturbed) but said yes. Now, she seems to think that we are bosom buddies. I walk into that cafe sometimes and she is WAITING for me. I HATE that. I am going to have to hurt her feelings, I just know it. And, yes, I dread it.


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