Tuesday, September 21, 2010


During Saturday morning errands the bike and me got caught in the rain. Not, mind you, a light summer rain, but sheets of rain. And thunder. And lightning.

I don't like riding in the rain, but especially don't like riding in flash flood type rains. So, I took cover under the massive awning of a massive gas station. I stepped inside the mini-mart to to purchase some tissues to use for wiping off my glasses and blowing my nose hoping the cold I was working out of my system wouldn't find a way back in.

While waiting out the torrential rain, songs began to flood my mind.

Songs about rain.

I made it home without getting too damp but damp enough to shed the clothes, jump in the shower, take a dose of cold and allergy (for the eczema) meds and lie myself down, forgetting about the rain and the songs.

Until today, when walking home from the train I got caught in the rain. And the songs came pouring back into my mind.

Over The Rainbow with a . . . Twist bled into Bring On The Rain followed by Can You Stop the Rain which naturally led me to query Who'll Stop The Rain.

A couple of claps of thunder later and I couldn't stop thinking of Singing In The Rain from falling, falling . . . Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.

Shaking that tune loose opened the gates to simply, Rain, Fire and Rain, Mandolin Rain, and Purple Rain. The lightning dancing across the sky put me in the mind of a Rainy Night in Georgia leaking into She's My Kind of Rain, which makes me weep (still, a bit) as does, I Wish It Would Rain, every time I hear it.

The rains did let up enough to continue on with the chores but on the way home there was reason to exclaim, Here Comes The Rain Again .

And finally, Don't Rain On My Parade. These are not necessarily my favorite rain themed songs but are the floating mostly freely about my being. Well, that said, I guess, in one way or another, they are favored.

Feel free to share your rainy day songs.

And oh, since wer'e talking about rain check out Perpetuum Jazzile simulating rain--and singing. (another eb find, natch)

**homage to blogger friend--she knows. :-)
***And to Miss "I'm not a damn poodle!" here's to having lunch without an audience. :-)


  1. This one popped to mind. Maybe I'm a pan-homo...

  2. Ahh, how about: "I can see clearly now the rain is gone." Is it gone? Nicely done. You know how I love these...

  3. That's quite a selection of songs! When I'm riding my bike after the rain I often find myself singing "All I Want" from Toad the Wet Sprocket. That line about "... the air outside so soft... "

    And, btw, hi! My first time commenting on your blog... :-)

  4. @ Zenobia Good song. And yes, I do know. :-)

    @ e Well, HI and thanks. I don't know that song (yet) but I like what I see so far. :-)


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