Monday, February 20, 2012

Who's Five?

With all the hustle and bustle of the actor turning thirty, phantom library book requests, company on the move (yet to be discussed) and various other happenings, this space failed to mention the momentous event of Buttah turning FIVE. Daughter adopted him in August of 2008 at which time he was a few months beyond his first year. He warmed his way in my heart only minutes after coming on scene. And while technically, he's her cat, our deal is, when she moves (which she promises is STILL the plan) he's to stay with me and Pete. Buttah, the friendlier, more gregarious of the two, is also a ham for the camera--not to mention, being anywhere I happen to be, smack in the middle of whatever I happen to be doing.

Before Art
Project Saturday  
After Art

You Read It Here 
 He's quite the helper, that one. Happy (belated *2/8*) Birthday Buttah Boy!


  1. Orange Tabby cats are the best. They're like dogs - but not. Happy birthday to Buttah. Love the Project Saturday pic.

  2. such a pretty kitty...

  3. Buttah rocks. :)

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  5. @ elf: (I just love that, btw) the Project Saturday was a fun time.

    @ maria: yeah, I think so too.

    @ tiff: yep.

  6. Anonymous4:46 AM


    Awww so cute ... happy birthday B ... we hope you've had a brill day :-)

    Love from Adonis, Elvis, Lily and Dylan ... as well as Kel and Sib ;-) xXx


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