Monday, June 09, 2014

June Re-Boot

Memorial Day heralds in the unofficial start to summer.

I can't buy into such folly. It is still offically spring and still

officially . . . well, not 100%.

That said,  daughter and I spent a lovely afternoon at a very cool art fair

in the very cool Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park. So enthused were we, she very easily convinced me

to purchase  a piece for her. She's very proud of her first original (outside of mine, of course) piece of


The first full week of June has been lackluster, at best--change and designs on summertime, aside. I am

erasing the downs and embrasing the ups from the first week and entering week two with sunshine on

my shoulders; metaphorically speaking as the forecast for the next few days is temperatues in the mid-

sixties, mostly cloudy with slightly higher than 50% chance of rain.

Officially, it is still spring.


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    trippy art! and mid-60's? jealous. - Tiff

    1. If we could trade, I would. ;-)

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how much the weather can affect our moods. We just had a string of gorgeousness but now your weather is coming our way. (Could you please keep your crappy weather to yourself : )

    Still, art in the park is a lovely way to spend any day. Double points for spending it with your daughter.

    As my (perennially happy) daughter always said: no matter where you go or what you do, bring your own sunshine.

    1. I wish my crappy weather would have stayed wherever the blazes it was. Further, I think I'm becoming one of those, "I know it is going to rain because I knees hurt" people. ;-)

      Ahhh, bring my own sunshine. Now, that IS the ticket. ;-)

  3. Oh, you poor, sad, sunshine lovers! We've had two weeks of it and today it started raining. Yay! In the PNW, it just doesn't feel right to have too many rain free days...

    I'm glad you are embracing the ups. It's all we can do sometimes, especially when the downs are threatening to submerge us.

    And, I love the groovy shrooms!

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      See? I have become someone who loves rain. :)

  4. Yes, poor and sad. :-(

    My son's play opens this weekend. It is an outdoor production. I'll deal w/no sun during the day, but please don't let any performances be cancelled due to rain.

    Truly, all we can do.

  5. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Your daughter is gorgeous.

    And I love that you bought her her first piece of art. This is a gorgeous memory.

    1. Shhhh...not too loud she might hear you. :-) Thank you.

      It was fun and it felt good to buy it for her. I'm so glad something spoke to her--she was not...well, let's just say the art fair wasn't her first choice for weekend plans. ;-)


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