Sunday, June 29, 2014

And Just Like That, June. . . DONE

A month full of festivals, marches, parades, forms, commuting, rain, and sun, wind, and more rain, and more rain. Along  with all manner of ups and downs, fits and starts, ins and outs, a kind of stuttering, meandering, toddler-like frankenmonster steps toward a consistent discipline.

Mostly a pass but on a few fronts, fail.

Or, if not fail then certainly room for improvement.

And improve I shall.

There are too many things in my cramped condo. Now, granted there are two other adults who live with me in this cramped condo. Thus, some of the things do not belong to me. But, I will attend to my shrinking the number of things that do belong to me and work to convince the others to shrink their things as well.

Note: the convincing is directed at daughter as son has been living smaller for a while now. In fact, it is his example I want to follow. That guy's dedication and discipline is epic.And as you might imagine it causes me some joy and pain.

The purging of things is metaphoric. Of course, I have other things on my plate that need attending. Of course there is the juggle between work and play; striking the delicate balance needed to attend to most, and being okay that it isn't ALL.

At least, not all at once

First up, my personal space, my bedroom generally and my personal business (and art) files specifically.

Happy Pride and HELLO JULY.


  1. I own very little. But unfortunately I live with people who have entirely too much, and like it. I have given up trying, even for a little uncluttered personal space. If there is a void, someone fills it up. I have my sauna in the basement, that's about it. It is my little domain where I can go and have some peace.

    I also need to learn to strike "the delicate balance needed to attend to most, and being okay that it isn't ALL." There is just so much that needs doing this time of year. Accckkkkk!

  2. Fail vs Room for Improvement. This is important!

    Carry on with your meandering; you are headed in the right direction.

    1. I think. I hope. Thank you. Onward I carry.

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