Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures Worth Thousands

There aren't very many photos of me, anywhere, from anytime. I have a theory as to why this phenomenon has occurred, that, unfortunately I am not at liberty to share at this time. I do know that like most factoids of my contemporary life, it started at the beginning. For those of you who may have been wondering what I look like, I submit these: On top is original art by five year old YM. Produced in 1987 toward the end of his kindergarten tour. The caption above the picture reads: "I love my mom because she makes me silly. She tickles me." The other is original art by 4 and 1/2 year old YL toward the end of her pre-kindergarten tour. The caption here reads: "This is my mom and her necklace. Her likes earrings, but they are hard to make." Both, apparently, see me without my glasses or they too, were too hard to depict.

I am endeavoring to stay off the computer for the rest of this weekend, as I have much titivating on tap. Cheers.


  1. Gee Wiz, those are beautiful!
    What treasures.

    Hey I did the meme, too. Sheesh, it took forever.

  2. Excellent portraits. :)
    You have lovely eyes.

  3. I love that you framed your kids' early artwork!

  4. You are a good looking woman!

  5. Love the outfits. Very 80s. I feel your pain that you like earrings but they're hard to make.

  6. Yes, the eyes, they got to me too. :)


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