Thursday, August 24, 2006

Short and Sweet

Is there anything sweeter, than working an 8-hour shift, walking the 2 miles to the PTG, getting there on time and ahead of the bus you would have taken?

Yes! Stopping for White Chocolate Delectable Delicacies, from the Chicago Chocolate Company café, and getting it at a discount.

No, I didn’t stop for the treat, I’m on a diet, remember? But it was a sweet thought. Walking past the café is torture, but we must test ourselves, right?


  1. Passing a test like that always leaves me feeling high and mighty, certainly stronger the next time a temptation occurs.


  2. Dontcha feel all smug inside for that little victory? I love that feeling. Of course, I don't experience it very often as I suck at self-restraint, but still... it's a cool feeling.

    Be strong. :)

  3. Yay!! An A+ for you. :)

  4. High & Mighty, Cool and Yay-all that and more==I have these in my head to call upon when I need a boost--Thanks All :)

  5. You are so much stronger than I oh great walker by of chocolate.


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