Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Workout News Blues

My gym is a nice and pleasant place, for a gym. I mean the purpose is to go, work up a sweat and get all hot and bothered, is it not? My workouts, during the week day lunch hours, generally consist of 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill. I try other machines and equipment when I have more time, require more variety or when I workout in the evening. But, for lunch hour workouts, it's the treadmill.

The gym, I may have mentioned before, is a recently converted space formerly dedicated to basketball activities. In fact, there are still two full size courts surrounded by the rest of the gym, behind a mostly glass enclosure. Former and current NBA players and prospects have and continue to workout on the courts. The courts are also a popular destination for those not aspiring to be in the NBA.

All of the treadmills look out over the two basketball courts, so I am often treated to a view of the happenings on the hardwood during the 1:00 - 2:00 hour. The happenings, of late, are 10 guys (of the not aspiring variety) playing five-on-five, full court basketball.

These guys play shirts vs skins.

For the past week or so, it's been the same 10 guys and the teams have always been divided the same, the shirts are always shirts; skins always skins. Three of the skins provide a haven for a lot of hair. These three guys have more hair than all of the King Kongs combined. These three guys have A. Lot. Of. Hair. Covering the chests and backs, up over the neck and down through the knuckles. A. Lot. Of. Hair.

I'm considering asking the gym to install shades, turn my treadmill around or at the least adopt a not shirt - no service policy.

Oh, I guess I could just watch the TV mounted to the top of the treadmill, but don't even get me started on the afternoon TV fare -Maury, Jerry, Tyra, the soaps and the multitude of courts and judges- no, please do not get me started down that road!

Or, I could just close my eyes.


  1. Surely they have a suggestion box. Suggest that if all of the members cannot go shirtless, then none of the members, even those playing basketball, should be permitted to do so. Include something about how offensive it is. In all seriousness. Do you pay to be a member? Is it a work perk? Either way, you should voice a complaint whether anonymously or not. (IMO, of course)

  2. perhaps you should take your shirt off while running on the treadmill.

  3. Maxine: I haven't seen a suggestion box. I will find a way to voice my thoughts on the subject.

    Weese: ...perhaps...nah, that's not me, but, clearly something must be done.

  4. I think you should grow the hair under you arms REAL long, then wave at them profusely.

  5. Crikey! Thanks for the vivid imagine. Can you say gross?!

    Perhaps you could try the ellipticals. They are awesome and hopefully they face in a different direction.

    I caution against suggesting the no shirt, no sevice rule. It may force them to do shorts vs. no shorts. And who knows if they even wear underwear.

    hehe @ Kmae.

  6. Kmae: hehehehehe

    Bent: Yeah, I suppose there would be a downside--and I do not want to even think about shorts vs sans shorts... BTW ellipticals do face the other direction. I try them. I have a hard time finding a good enough rhythm--more practice tis warranted.

  7. Oh Deborah, the ellipticals are the best!! Much better for shaping more of your bod once you get used to it!! Add 5 min longer on them ea week & soon you'll be shushing alone like you're on the slopes in Switzerland!

  8. Ditto Kmae's comment.


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