Thursday, October 26, 2006

$ $ $

To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, money works, money is good. Found money, even better. I put finding money somewhere just above triple chocolate fudge brownies sprinkled with coconut flakes and just below finding said brownies in the kitchen after a 14 hour day. Thanking the brownie fairy as we speak.

No matter the amount, I like to savor the joy that is found money. I don't spend it right away and when I do, I like to buy something I might not have otherwise bought. Or, better yet, spend it on someone else, I might buy a cheer 'em up greeting card, for instance.

My biggest found on the street hey day, pay day? $32.00.

This family of dollars is going towards something special, just what hasn't been decided. In the meantime, they will rest comfortably in a a box, on a shelf. Perhaps they'll be able to convince some friends to join them.

That would be sweet.


  1. Your right, nothing can top finding money on the street. One time, as a kid, I was blackberry picking with my friend and I trod on a £20 note, but my friend picked it up before I could get down there, we split the money £10 each, that was big money to a 12 year old ;-)

    My ma found £50 once and she spend it on me, bless her :-)
    Kisses hun XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  2. I love found money let me know if they reporduce in the box on the shelf because then I know what to try next!! Enjoy it!

  3. i still remember the sadness that accompanied my realization that money in mom's purse was not considered "found."

    ahhh, lessons of early childhood ...

  4. I found 20 quid once. That was a very good day :) Unfortunately, that type of thing is not a frequent occurrence!

    My 10 y.o. daughter has some kind of lost-money-attracting power! She has an affinity for finding tenners.


  5. that's great. i, too, love finding money. recently found $20 on the street corner. i also pick up every penny i find on the street..usually while running. lately, i have found 2 nickels. i love it. saving all the change


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