Monday, October 23, 2006

a d i d a s f

All day I dream about, no, not sports, but food. Well, not really, of course I'm exaggerating. I don't dream about food all day, but it is a constant. It has to be. From all appearances I'm not alone in this. I eat to survive, but also because I enjoy eating. Along with the eating, there must be shopping, storing and then, of course, the preparing of food.

I like food. I even like to prepare food. I'm a good cook, not amazing, but good. I can follow a recipe and can and do creep on the side of creativity, to keep things interesting. When I had to cook to sustain my family, I didn't enjoy it much, now that I don't need to cook daily, I'm finding more joy in the process.

Still, I'm a cautious cook. I know my limitations, I tend to not bite off more than I can chew. Yet, I do endeavor to stretch those limitations. I continue to practice some dishes repeatedly because I love eating them and want to make them to my satisfaction. The omelet is my current nemesis.

I adore omelets. I cannot make a decent omelet. I don't know why, it may be the filling, folding or the flipping. Because I cannot make an omelet to satisfy my omelet snobbery, I must call upon the self-proclaimed breakfast queen to soothe my monthly cravings. This must cease, however, because Ina's is becoming much too trendy and expensive to continue as my omelet outlet.

The San Diegan Omelette featured on a segment of the Rachel Ray $40.00 A Day show may have provided a solution, a temporary fix. This robust, open faced treat featured in the segment seems an acceptable alternative to the traditional omelet, one that I could and in all likelihood, will achieve.

I must, however, manage to get myself to a grocery store for the ingredients. We'll talk about me and grocery stores another time.

(a search from the home page will reveal the recipe.)


  1. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Do you have an omelet pan?

  2. Well come on over....I make a wicked omelet....made to order!!! Funny how people will be able to cook one thing really well and the next person might not have a clue how to do that....lotsa things I would not even attempt to cook but an omelet I can do!! Another funny thing....I learned from a male university roomate...who could cook NOTHING else (seriously he would come home from his Mom's place with a weeks worth of meals all in lil tupperware containers--go figure!)....but omelets he had down to a sciende!

  3. hello again....if you want wine with that omelet....hmmmm we better make it a seafood omelet and make it a white wine huh?? or there are other options if you don't like seafood....Options'R'Us!!

  4. gf-not helping here :)

    boo7-on my way.

  5. I cannot make a decent looking omlet to save my life! Each time I offer to do it, Fran just walks up behind me and asks if I'd like her to take over for me. Um yeah, sure... she's so subtle. I go between just wanting to give it up and being stubborn -wanting to do it so it will flip perfectly.

  6. I don't eat eggs..... that solves my omlet cooking problem.

  7. Anonymous4:55 AM

    "gf-not helping here"

    I'm just sayin'!

  8. I cant do many things so well, but the one thing I can cook perfectly is an omlette, full of cheese and lots of spicies.

    When I come to that side of the pond, I'll cook you one, dont worry ;-)

    You've made me hungry now, Mmm .... what shall I eat? Omlette ;-)

  9. Sassy: I feel your pain.

    Sober: no eggs?

    Thanks MH, I can't wait. In the meantime, with pan in hand, (it's all good gf :) I'll keep practicing.

  10. My favorite omelet:
    Feta cheese.

    I'll eat it even if it's messy and doesn't look like a traditional omelet.

    What time is breakfast?

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  12. You had me at spinach. If omelets are on the menu, breakfast is...whenever. :)

  13. Mmmmm I love omelettes! My fave is spring onion, peppers, mushroom with Lancashire cheese!



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