Thursday, June 25, 2009

Night, Day and Night Again

Last night we suffered our first power outage of the summer season. Earlier in the day a storm had torn through town, ripping up trees and though I hadn't heard specifically, I presume some lines were downed in the process.

I suspect that the various crews cleaning up the aftermath of the summer storm factored in the big boom and then...pfft. No electricity. No lights. No computer. No TV. It was still light when the power failed, so I decided to go for a bike ride. One to exert some energy and two, to survey the extent of the outage, if I could.

The ride around town and into a neighboring village revealed that though sporadic, the outage was extensive. Several blocks in one direction dark while the next several not, then dark and then, not. The last leg of ride home was in total darkness, street lights out and only businesses with alternative sources of power (McD's) operating. Our building was dark, save the emergency lights. Once back inside I find Danielle gone. She does not do well without her creature comforts, I'm with Blythe, they have electricity, I'm charging my phone so went a subsequent conversation.

So, I'm alone with the D dog and "the boys." The boys, as you might imagine took to being in near total darkness in stride. I think Buttah was more bothered by the heat than the dark. I found out on the ride that temps were still in the upper 80's range. D dog was particularly skittish. Barking at every sound and finding it hard to settle down. She tended to stay even closer.

I settled in for a long night, the power company estimated restoration of power around 2 AM. Gathering my power outage survival kit, tuning the radio to a local classical music station, enjoying a couple (or more) of cold ones and later engaging in a little inebriated, power outage texting and LOLing with a friend.

Today has been a typical summer day. Sunny, temps in the upper 80's with a heat index making it feel like 90 or more. Thunder and severe storm warnings have been issued for some areas of the state as have flood warnings (there has been a hella rain round these parts). It is my hope the fixes hold and we don't lose power again. If we do, I have fresh(er) batteries and more...provisions.

And oh, by the way, the power was restored at three this morning and for the record I don't have A/C. Danielle has a window unit in her bedroom, but I make do with a box and ceiling fans. And going without a shirt.

Hot fun in the summertime.


  1. I couldn't do it. No A/C? No fucking way. You da man! LOL

  2. Oh. Ma. Gawd. No A/C? Prehistoric! I can't cope with heat. Can't. Can't. Can't. My whole life we never had air conditioning. Then I moved to hell (otherwise known as Georgia, USA) and I realized that air conditioning is a gift from God.

    You are made of stronger stuff than I!

    I'm with your girl on the creature comforts thing.

  3. I hate no electricity.
    I die without TV.
    I can do the fan thing, but give me my damn TV.
    Good for you for the bike riding!
    You are really exercising.

  4. Nice executed...warm lemons into cool beer and good music! Sounds great to me.

  5. Anonymous10:01 AM

    My dog totally freaks when the power goes out. She also doesn't like camping - she is a creature of comforts.

  6. I spent my childhood without a/c. I survived. But, 51, I am such a wuss about it. Go figure.


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