Monday, June 29, 2009

Culmination or Gay Themed Week in Review

The week began with a trip to Chinatown, where I met up with some lesbian adventurers to partake of a Chinese dim sum brunch. It was my first foray into the land of dim sum and I found it to be both adventuresome and fun, much like the company.

After work on Tuesday I trekked to the north end of town to attend an open mic hosted by a local bookstore. The event, booked as an annual pride celebration featured some GLBTQ authors. A few of the dim sum adventurers were in attendance as were some others from the group that I had yet to meet.

Among the notable lines were, all I want for breakfast is coffee and sex, coffee and sex, coffee and sex and Do I touch her deeper than the surface of her pleasure?* We heard one author pondering what she'd do if she had a Harley and yet another read from his book detailing his stripper days . Needless to say it was both adventuresome and fun, much like the company.

Chicago's 40th Annual Pride parade was held this past Sunday. Yours truly was one of the tens of thousands in attendance. I was to meet with one of the women from the group (we'd arranged the get together following the reading, while schmoozing and noshing on pita chips, hummus, grape leaves and wine) who has attended the last several years, securing the 'perfect' parade viewing spot. There was also talk of a trip to the beach.

As it happens I didn't meet up with my new friend J until after the parade, but never fear. I was in the company of some fabulous folks who shared Bloody Marys, vodka and cranberry concoctions, and more. We danced, laughed, competed for beads and other parade 'swag' and had a party hearty good time.

I met J after the parade. We walked about the neighborhood still buzzing with energetic gay pride-filled folks. After a bit of dinner and a little more walking to further soak in the ambiance we parted ways, both looking forward to the next opportunity to meet.

Though I never made it to the beach, the parade and all related experiences capped a week of amazingly true adventures of this nearly 49 year-old, rather newbie lesbian.
*oddly enough there was no microphone at the open mic, so I didn't hear all the introductions, otherwise I certainly would credit the two authors referenced here.


  1. Sounds like a damn good week.

    I've never had dim sum. It's on my "to do" list though.


    You had fun!!
    It's about damn time.
    I'm so glad for you.

  3. Hi there! {waves}

    I am just traveling through the blogosphere, checking out some new blogs and seeing the work that others are putting out there!!

    I hope you'll feel welcome to stop by my spot any time!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  4. you newbie lesbian, you!!! ;-D
    LOVE it... sounds like you're a pro to me...!

  5. Sounds like you had a "gay ol' time".

    I want to know - just HOW did you compete for beads? Hmmmmmm?

  6. Wow...even your snacks are soooo healthy.

  7. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Mmmm, dim sum! Can't find decent dim sum in CT, but we loved it in TX. Sounds like a really fun weekend!


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