Thursday, December 03, 2009


I work in a three-story office building that is virtually empty. In addition to the business that employs me there are two others and the office of the building’s owner/manager. Our offices and warehouse is on the third floor as are one of the two other businesses and the owner/manager’s office.

The third floor suite of offices share public bathrooms, one for the men and another for the women. Note: Our space has a bathroom but only the 7 (or more) guys use that. I avoid it. The public bathrooms are public in that they are entered via the common areas. They are locked and only lease holders hold keys for each. I don't know about the men's room, but the women's is quite spacious, four stalls and two sinks. And well stocked (of late).

The three businesses / offices on the third floor now employ three women, one in each business / office. And the woman in the owner / building manager's office is a part-timer. All that to say that more often than not, yours truly has the bathroom all to herself. The janitor's closet is inside the women's room, so upon entering I do always check that he isn't there, or that the closet door isn't open. I always lock the door behind me. And while I am a tad weirded out but the tilted ceiling tile, I don't seriously think there is a camera hiding in the crevice of that tilted tile.

So, more often than not I'm alone in the bathroom. Which is good. I like being alone in the bathroom, especially public (or even, semi-public) bathrooms. And I'll admit here and now to engaging in Secrect Public Bathroom Behavior*.

A meet n greet site I'm using poses the challenge, "the most private thing you're willing to admit here" i didn't reveal my SPBB there, but I will reveal it here.

Jumping Jacks. When I'm in the bathroom, after taking care of bathroom-y business and washing hands, I do 5, 10, maybe 15 jumping jacks.

and sometimes squats, though mostly I find that, redundant.

When I'm in the public bathroom alone, with no chance of anyone seeing . . .


  1. LMAO

    Very Ally McBealish. If you didn't watch that that show, you'll have to trust me. It's awesome.

  2. seriously? Wow - you are my new bathroom heroine!

  3. Jumping Jacks & redundant squats??!! Wow. I'm impressed. Dedication, girl!

  4. Wow. I just check my teeth to make sure that there are no lipstick stains.

    I did once catch a co-worker blissfully picking her nose once.

  5. Leave one curious as to what the private bathroom behaviour might be. :)

  6. jumping jacks would be something that I'd never do in private OR public! You crack me up!

  7. jumping jacks would be something that I'd never do in private OR public! You crack me up!

  8. At work, we have a small dark room with the microscope in it...and when working on the scope, it takes 15-120 seconds of wait time per image... perfect for secretive lunges, squats and pushups.


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