Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Judging from my hair, it had to be the 80s. It had to be after Michael and might have been before Danielle, but it was definitely the 80s. I wish I could tell you I'd gotten caught in the rain that day and that's why my hair appears a big, poufy, matty mess. Buuut, that might not necessarily be the case. My hair was often a big, poufy matty looking mess. Unless I was braiding it, I had not a clue about my hair. I toyed with the idea of cutting it all off then, and in fact, I did, once. My husband had a conniption.

The more I think about it, this HAD to be before Danielle.

A woman I worked with back in those days was always taking pictures. Problem was, she was usually very slow to get them developed. As a result, many of the pics she snapped were rarely seen by the subjects.

We haven't seen each other in over twenty years and haven't (until recently) spoken in nearly as long. She contacted me some weeks ago and we played catch-up. She said then she was working on a project related to the photos from that time. Today is my first look at many of the photos. Today is my first look at the photo shown above.

Looking at some of the photos, it's amazing how many of the names came fluttering back to my mind, folks I hadn't thought about in years; Donald, Pat, Beverly, Earlene, Wanda, John, Mac, Ted, James, Suporn, Allena, Ann, Georgette, even Paulette H. Paulette's nickname was Hard n Nasty, which was a play on her last name and a description of her personality (mean, yes I know) and of course Nora, the photographer.

Even more amazing than how my mind called up most of the names and attached them to the right faces was THAT waist, THOSE hips. Oh Mah Goodness...


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Sometimes I wish I had allowed more pictures to be taken of me as a young thing.

    Looking back now would be fun!

  2. How cute!!

    Is that a cucumber in your hand?

  3. @ Syd: A pickle actually. With legs. Super pickle we called it. Kind of an office mascot, of sorts.

  4. ...and that's probably all I need to know. LOL

  5. What a fantastic post! Love the photo, and you were skinny.

  6. Anonymous8:12 PM

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  7. Judging by the hair?? Have you taken a good look at those glasses?

  8. @ lol well, yes, glasses too.


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