Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Thought

Losing one glove
is certainly painful,
but nothing
compared to the pain,
of losing one,
throwing away the other,
and finding
the first one again.

Piet Hein, poet and scientist (1905-1996)

Which is one of the reasons I have so many single socks. Oh, I know the other part of the pair is gone, I just don't believe the sock partner departed. But, I also know that I must come to terms with that and either do away with the remaining sock or find something useful for it to do.

Which brings me to leg warmers. My leg warmers to be more precise. I have two pair. I've had them for some time now. One pair has gone and gotten itself separated from her partner. I'm fairly certain the separation is on a trial basis. Or at least I hope so, I rather like them together. I think they make a perfect pair.

The second pair is a quandary. One of the two is perfectly fine. She stays in the up position through-out the day, requiring very little in the way of adjustment. She is stoic, that one. The other is not. Somehow, somewhere along the way she's lost her elasticity. Or rather, some of her elasticity. I pull her up over the knee and before I know it she's puddling down around the ankle. Outside of that little quirk she's perfectly fine.

What to do with the one leg and one (now) ankle warmer? I've grown quite fond of them as a pair and I like them well enough individually as well. Quandary.

One thing I do know for sure, no decision will be made until I am sure, absolutely certain that the other pair will come back together, or rather has come back together.

One other thing I know for sure, the one warm(er) and one cold(er) leg sensation is rather odd.


  1. Leg warmers? Really? I think I need a picture. But hope you find the other one soon!

  2. :)

    Didn't know legwarmers were still available!

  3. Leg warmers? Like in Flashdance?

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    ummm...yeah...uh huh

  5. @ the Dish & Syd: yes. really and well, i don't rock 'em like the dancers, but yes, same concept. same item.

    @ tiff: yep, still available (though mine are not, by any stretch, new).

    @ kitty litter: lol

    picture? perhaps.

  6. Do you know anyone who knits?

  7. @ maxine: you mean other than you? no, not yet.

  8. Anonymous10:32 PM

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  9. Ahem...I meant me...Take one of your preferred legwarmers and lay it flat...measure the length and width...send me the measurements...

  10. @ maxine: ooooooohhhh. Cooooool Beans.

    I can hardly wait to get home and whip out my tape measurer. :)

  11. Soon you'll have an entire outfit knitted by queenmaxine.

  12. @ eb: and then i shall be belle of the ball. :)

  13. Anonymous1:50 PM

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  14. I haven't worn leg warmers since college and I am quite certain that I no longer have the legs for them....but you go girl!


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