Thursday, April 22, 2010

A. F. D*

The current (or previous?) slogan for the Chicago Park District is, "come out and play." The warmer weather has afforded Diva dog the opportunity to embrace the slogan. We live somewhat near one of Chicago's impressive parks. On the warmest of the recent warm days, Dani took Diva (Diamond) to the park for change of pace.

In addition to the squirrels and small birds she chases on her usual walks, she has been able to scamper after large birds (ducks, geese of some variety) and hope for a second that she might catch them. In the beginning she was confused that they didn't fly away, they escaped into . . . water. This, I think, was doubly troubling.

I haven't been to the park with Diamond yet. I usually ride my bike to (and around) the park (remind me to tell you about my mishap near the waterfall area footpath). Diamond is usually driven to the park as she isn't the most focused or direct route walker, as a general rule of thumb. One day, when it is very much warmer, I'll walk her there and perhaps then, there will be photos of her with the big birds. Or maybe just her. And the big birds.

*A.F.D--all fall down, in reference to one recent adventure of mine. Remind me to tell you all about it.


  1. The difference between Diva and Cute Dog? She would take off into the water after those birds. That damn dog loves the water.

  2. lol... ok, 'waterfall area footpath' has 'mishap' written all over it.

  3. A good park is just a MUST, isn't it? We have a gorgeous park with a big pond nearby and it is, hands down, Socks' favorite place in the world to be.


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