Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random Umbrealla Style

How big is your umbrella? Does it cover just you or is there room for two? Three? Is it colorful? Does it make a statement? Or is it non-descript? Basic black, utilitarian? Are you always sorry you forgot it, or always please you remembered? How many have you lost to high winds? Shoddy construction? Have you ever pretended to be Gene Kelly (or GK-like) and sung in the rain? Do you follow the suggestion to leave your umbrella open to dry? Do you do a slicker / umbrella combo? Just the slicker? or just the umbrella? How many umbrellas do you have? One in the car (or each vehicle)? One at work? Several at home? Do you think you have umbrella karma? Is it good? Bad? Do you believe that superstition about opening an umbrella indoors? Is an umbrella something you give absolutely no thought to until you need one? Have you ever bought an umbrella based on the color of your coat? shoes? car? horse? cat? dog? snake? bird? Or anything? Have you ever seen someone carrying an umbrella you thought was totally wrong for them? Have you heard this: "If April showers bring May flowers, what doe May flowers bring?" Pilgrims. Big Guffaw? or Big Snooze?

image snagged from here


  1. Mine is black & small & shoots out when I push a button.
    D on the other hand has always had HUGE umbrellas in all colors built for two. Her last one had a beautiful Erte painting of a fancy woman, but the past wind storm blew it inside out.

  2. I don't have one because I lose them. But, the one you posted here is gorgeous!

  3. The one we use id a huge golf umbrella and it was free. We don't buy them because we both break them or loose them. I only use it if it is raining really hard, or I have big plans and don't want to ruin the hair. Otherwise I just wear a hoodie.


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