Wednesday, April 14, 2010


baby greens with grilled chicken, red and green sliced apples, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and blue cheese perfectly complimented by sweet onion dijon dressing

Sounds delicious. Trust me, it is. Or rather, was.

This is another round of randomness because I just can't seem to wrap my head around much of anything else (not work related). Bummer, yes . . . I know.

1. Are you the sort to wear white elegantly, with ease and grace? No, me either. Today, hi-ever, I've chosen to wear a white shirt. Don't fear, I didn't get any of that sween onion dijon dressing on my white shirt. Hi-ever(2) it is only a $3.00 t-shirt (relax, I'm wearing a jacket too) so I wouldn't be too upset if I didn't happen to dribble, as is my usual custom.

2. So have you seen the ads for KFC's new double-down? Looks and sounds positively . . . typical. I know I won't be trying it, how about you?

3. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, likely not, but I stopped wearing . . . oh, never-mind.

4. And speaking of food, I had occasion to expand my sushi experience. I couldn't tell you what the dishes were called, but they were all delicious. I suppose next time I'll inquire as to what was ordered.

5. My skin is responding positively (for the most part) to my treatments. I have made an executive decision to stay away from acidic foods and beverages, especially tomato sauce / paste based products. Which bugged the bejeebus out of me when daughter had the little place all lit with lovely bar b que-y aromas, via some new sauce she was trying out. Hmpf.

6. My mom told me a while back that she thought I'd become more out-spoken in recent months. I'm still mulling that over.

7. We are on tap to have some fairly decent weather over the next few days and I'm going to try to be out enjoying same, as much as possible. I have the yard yet to tackle for (really) the first time this season / year.

8. I don't need an alarm clock to wake up on time in the mornings (2 cats and a dog clamoring for breakfast take care of that well enough) but I am (recently) needed something to get me up. Working on that, whatever that is.

9. I am 5 pages from being finished with my latest read. 525 pages down, 5 to go. I've had this book checked out of the library long enough to elicit multiple terse e-mails from them. Yikes!!

10. I'm betwixt and between deciding among two events scheduled for May 1st. Technically, both are possible, but not realistic to think both can be attended in well enough spirit to fully enjoy. Coin tossing time. Maybe.


  1. Your mom is polite. My mom just calls me "mouthy" or "smart ass".

    And no, I can't wear white. EVER. It's like dressing a 3 yr old in it.

  2. Re: #6...That's your mom's way of saying you aren't hiding your lesboness enough to her satisfaction...

    you go!


  3. When I think of my favorite people, almost all of them are outspoken. It's a desirable trait.


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