Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watch The Road

My son is the first-born and as such he had a bit over three years to himself . Even after his sister came along he still had another couple of years before he was be bugged by engage her his in play.

As a result, during his lone years he learned to play, quite contentedly, alone. As a youngster he enjoyed animals and action. His toys consisted of the various favorite action figure collections (vehicles included) and animals. From a very early age he created plays with his toys. He constructed elaborate sets, staged the scenes, and blocked the action. He also did voices for each character, human as well as animal.

When he was nine, ten, or so he scoffed at my suggestion, prediction? that he would develop into a writer and / or some kind of performer. He resisted the calling until his sophomore year in high school. I believe it was his during the poetry module where he met one of his early mentors, a teacher, who introduced him to spoken word poetry and performing that genre. That teacher / mentor encouraged him to meet his friend, the drama teacher, who in turn asked him to try out for the next play. He did, got the role, and started registered for the acting class the next year.

Michael all but poured himself into the lessons and disciplines. He won several parts over the next couple of years in high school riding that wave of energy and euphoria right into college, where he continued winning roles in a number of productions.

The high school drama teacher, another of my son's mentors, has often referred to Michael as his favorite student. Focused. Driven.

The teacher and the student did a turn recently in a short film. Though my son has been acting (really all his life) but officially since high school, he has, in some respects, only just begun. Where being on stage is like breathing for him, being on film is a new discipline requiring different skill sets.

With a commercial and now this (soon? to be released) screen debut to his credit his profile continues to grow. And while he adores being on stage (and is currently booked through the end of the year) he welcomes the opportunity for screen work as well.

As his biggest fan I applaud every performance, each success. As his mom I never miss the opportunity to reminisce about his childhood play and my spoken words.

Someday is today, and beyond.


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  2. I KNEW about the film, but a commercial? COOOOL! what commercial?

  3. I KNEW about the film, but a commercial? COOOOL! what commercial?

  4. Hey K, the product is Hyundai. I'm anxious to see it--I don't know if it has aired yet.

  5. Yes, very cool!! He was so convincing even I wanted to watch the road.


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