Monday, February 14, 2011

his say

first, let me wish myself a happy 4th birthday, since it seems like no one else around here is going to do it. i share a birth date with that tall fella that seems to be talking to himself all the time, though not in his normal voice. every time i ask what he's doing he replies, "i'm rehearsing." i'm not sure i know what that means and moreover i'm not sure i care.

i'm probably coming off as cranky, at the moment i am. but, let me assure you all under normal circumstances i'm not at all cranky. in fact, i'm the sweetest, most lovable bundle of fur you may ever meet.


however, i'm a little put out at present because once again i'm being blamed for stuff falling off their perches. ok, i broke one figurine. ok, two . . . at least as far as eyewitnesses go. but, i have had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the fallen vase (s), toppled over bears (and what is the deal with all the stuffed bears, dogs, rabbits, and such?) and all the other assorted spills and mishaps. there is no evidence to suggest otherwise; only conjecture, hearsay, and innuendo. any evidence that might be presented is circumstantial, at best.

frankly, i think it is that diva dog doing all the dastardly deeds. in either case, barring any concrete evidence, i'm innocent until proven . . .

ok, all done. just wanted, needed to get that off my chest. now i can go back to being the sweet, lovable, bundle of fur you all should know and if you knew me, you'd love me.




  1. I believe you Buttah. Totally.

  2. and why all the stuffed animals when she has the real thing? you are all the pet anyone needs... go sit on her chest and tell her about it!

  3. @ tiff: Just this morning Mr. B knocked pens off the desk and turned over my mug o milk.

    @ e: well, no explaining the stuffies...:-) and so you know Buttah took your advice and sat on my chest and told me about...many things, right after knocking the pens to the floor and tipping over the mug o milk.


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