Monday, February 21, 2011

This or That: Cookie Candy Bar

Now and again there is a craving. The craving usually centers itself around candy. The candy is almost always chocolate and almost always with nuts, like whatchamacallit ™ Likely, something that can be picked up in a rush, impulsively.

Now and again there is a craving centering itself around cookies. More often than not the cookies are chocolate, with chips and sometimes, nuts. White chocolate, macadamia. Yum.

Not often, but at times a cookie candy-like combo craving is on the menu. And the cookie-candy-like option chosen most of those times is Twix ™ over Kit-Kat ™ especially the peanut butter or the java options.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I find it hard to resist chocolate in the form of candy, cookies or any combo there-of, which is why said products hardly ever appear on my grocery lists or are residing on a shelf, in a cupboard. For, the fact of the matter is, if I had them, I'd eat them. No craving required.


  1. showing my support by eating the. very. last. of my TastyKake chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes. They aren't anywhere to be found (that I know of) in Houston and I got a box while in FL. My ovaries showed their support this weekend by eating a box each of GS pb patties...

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM


  3. Cookies.... mmmmmm......

    Yeah, they have to stay out of my cupboard, too. And their naughty cousins, the Chips.

  4. Has Kmae taken over your blog - so easy to read with the large font and all.

  5. @ Maxine: Solidarity. YaY. I've heard of TastyKakes but have not every seen, had one. The closet, I think, is a Ding Dong. :-)

    @ ncp: yep. yep.

    @ e: Oh yeah, chips. Oh yeah.

    @ eb: LOL. It was an experiment. 'Tis not a permanent fixture. I don't think.

  6. Um...I didn't know that it came in JAVA flavor? IS WALGREENS STILL OPEN???


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