Sunday, July 15, 2012

Any Given Sunday

Some days ago I opened my email account to find a to find notice of a:
New Meetup Group!

The notice, in and of itself, did not surprise. Some weeks I get three or four such emails over the course  of said week. Art. Writing. LGBTQ. Socializing. Fitness. Films. Live Theater. Just some of the boxes I checked in my profile. So, I get an email whenever a group forms that touches (even ever so slightly) any one (or more) of my interest bullet points. 

So again, no surprise an email announcing the formation of and invitation to join: Polyfidelity, Polygamy, and Group Marriage MeetUp group appeared some days ago, for the tags used to categorize this group LGBT. Socializing. Friends. Women. Bi-Sexual Women. do indeed hit upon some my my bullet points.  

The organizer(s) asks two questions:  

Do you want more than one loving life-partner?   

Are you looking for multiple committed relationships?   

This meetup group intends to be a smaller, more personal group than the larger swinger and polyamory communities. Together we host potluck dinners, discussion groups, movie nights, and book clubs.
Yes? to any (all) then this might be a group for you. 

No, not for me. I'm not certain I want (or am capable of sustaining) a loving, long-term, committed LIVE-IN relationship with ONE adult woman, let alone more than one. Suffice to say, I'm a one woman, woman and while I do want a committed, loving relationship that hopefully develops over the long term, I do not know that we (whomever "we" may be) will live together.    

I am, however, certain that I will not ever live with a another man, who isn't my son. 

And while I took a pass on the Polyfidelity, Polygamy, Group Marriage invite and in fact, take a pass on many of the MeetUp invites as most are simply not my bottle of beer, every now and again a new group feels right enough to click, "yes." I've met some intriguing, fun, smart, engaging folks through some of the MeetUps. That isn't to suggest that the folks in P, P, Group Marriage group are not similarly endowed. . .  

the group's mission, is just. . .

no, not for me.    


  1. Good to know your limits!

  2. This made me laugh because, having moved to a new place and finally feeling settled enough to do so, I was thinking about making my MeetUp account more present and active.

    And then you posted this!

    I have to admit that I can't do poly... Not me either. Like you, one woman seems to be plenty for me!

  3. With you on this one! One is a lot. More than one is ... nightmarish.

  4. @ Kerry: Yep. Yep.

    @ Em: Active lol. go forth and, Meet. GoodLuck.

    @ e: not quite sure why "The Twilight Zone" riff popped in my head. :-)

  5. I posted your vote on Weekend Wordsmith. Thanks.

  6. Do me a favor. Just GO and see what gives. It will make for a great blog post and you might meet some interesting friends.

    One of my friends has been married to her husband for almost three decades but they have an open marriage. And they don't mix their relationships. (No threesomes with someone the wife brought home, etc.) This sort of repulsed me for a long time, but you know...I really, really like this woman and she is funny and smart and I'm glad that she's in my life. Her lifestyle isn't mine, but it is kind of fun to watch it from the outside.

  7. i commented... i dont know where it went... it was about beer, the lack of sex, and the fact that i have resigned myself to the fact that i may not need ms. forever but just for-right-now. the rest was nonsense because of the heat, the time and the beer....


  8. Not my bottle of beer. I love it.
    I'll just California-ize it to, "Not my glass of Pinot"


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