Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fried Days

Okay, I'll say it here and now. July has basically been a bust with regard to my goals.  I mean, for fuck's sake it's been hot, beyond hot. And when it hasn't been hot it has been storming. And when it hasn't been storming, it has just been . . .


Well, blah for me.

Not so much the heat, well yeah the heat, but because of the heat the usual, 'unable to sleep through the night' plague is even worse.

Which means getting up (waking up not the issue) to don some clothes, get on the bike and ride, ride, ride, Sally Deborah ride, is just . . . well, it hasn't been happening with any regularity. Or, at all.

And I bought new gloves and padded shorts too.

Not riding wouldn't be so bad, but I'm eating horribly. Well, not so much horrible choices but just too damn much. Over-stuffing. And I'm drinking a hella beer.


Not riding (or walking beyond what is absolutely necessary) eating and drinking too much wouldn't be oh, SO bad, but on top of all that, feeling guilty about it . . . I can't flippin' think.

It took too many days (cha-ching to the library coffers) to finish a 378 page book. I saw the movie for fuck's sake. I KNEW (basically) how it would end. And it wasn't like it was (at) all challenging. Come to think of it, maybe, 'can't flipin' think' is not precisely accurate. I. Can't. Focus.!.!

My brain is just fried (hehehehe, I typed, 'friend')....anyhoo...F.R.I.E.D and speaking of, fried green tomatoes, now, YES PLEASE, and while we're at it, fried pickles. EXCEPT for the variety I had at Seven Ten in Hyde Park many months ago. They were awful.

That said, July isn't over. I still have a chance. I have to shake this . . . whatever. I can't change the heat, the  job, any other stuff proffering the 'blues' just my reaction to it, them.

Each day is a brand new day. Welcome to the end of Wednesday and (plus) 100 heat index.

Bring on Thursday.

PS: special note to newest recruit who once gave me HOT SEX and who  is no longer, technically new . . .well, she is, but isn't; it's a long story . . . anywhoo, note to newest recruit who is now a bona fide friend . . . THEY  ARE FUCKING IDIOTS!!! 


  1. I hear ya... my deal is, when we get home from work all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch tv. And I almost never want to watch tv. Ever. It's weird.

  2. We don't have the heat happening here in the PNW, but I have the lousy focus thing going on in spades. And, when I do focus, it's on the negative. Ugh.

    What's a Pollyanna to do?

  3. Ugh. Ok...we have had multiple days of 100 + days and NOT A DROP OF RAIN in over a month.

    I feel like a piece of straw.

    Hot, dried up and scrunchy.

  4. @ Kerry: working on it. :-)
    @ Elf: yes, weeeeeiiiiirrrrrddddd! :-)

    @ e: Indeed. What? ::Oy::

    @ Maria: Just please stay away from open flames. I wish I could send you some rain. Right now.

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM

    July and August - the whole country should just close...

  6. its the freakin beer Deb... its so freakin hot in my 3rd floor walk up and the air doesn't work... ice cold beer numbs my skin when pressed against my skin and it the only thing i want to drink... we topped 108 several times in the last few weeks and it just wont stop... its the freaking beer and the fact that i have no one to worry about seeing me naked... i just don't what to do but ride it out... beg for cooler weather, a smaller waistline and a DATE! I don't need forever... just for right now... damn i guess i have lost all my morality when i turned 50.

  7. Just remember, every day is a day to start afresh. If it's not 130 degrees.

  8. @ ncp yes, perhaps.

    @ nina: i normally survive just fine without air. I don't have it at home and I cope. I didn't have it for several of the hot, hot days at work and . . . well, let's just say "chipper" was not my middle name.
    Ice cold beer against my skin... I think I can work with that. ;-)

    @ lori: I try.


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