Friday, August 03, 2012

Deborah Dear

Dear Deborah, 

Finally, you are officially fifty-two. The daughter has been teasing, calling you, "52" since the day after you celebrated number fifty-one. The taunting, good in nature coming after you did something particularly 52-ish, like forget where you were going mid-step or a word mid-sentence, or something like put your shirt on backwards and inside out, has served as a constant reminder that, well, fudge, you're gettin' UP there.  

But that's okay. Gettin' UP there ain't so bad  especially if you have your health and some semblance of your mind. Or so I've been told. 

That said, dear Deborah, the birthday was several days ago and I'm writing today to tell you that the partying must be over. Enough with the Irish whiskey, French vodka (two martinis at Melting Pot! Really? two?)  Belgian Beer, and the rich desserts. Enough! Truth be known you've been in celebratory mode for the entire month prior to your birthday weekend. 

Well, that's what we'll call it, celebrating.

But I know the truth, and deep down, so do you. And I'm here to tell you here and now, 


No more blaming the heat, heartache, knee pain, crappy dye jobs, or crappier days at work. No more drowning in the dumps because your mom is...well, who she is and your dad, not a dad at all. I won't mention your brothers because well, what is the point of that?  


Your calendar notation for Tuesday reads, 'early AM ride' and did you? NO! It wasn't raining, wasn't unbearably hot. Sure, you were out late Monday (and again, two martinis?okay enough about that, it WAS your birthday, but still . . ) true enough, but if the skipping days doesn't stop doesn't stop you won't get back on track. And you must, you know, get BACK at It and YOU KNOW IT!!  It is so much more than a body thing, it is a mind thing. 

So, have some Hil....  

AND get your head out of your ass and get said ass in gear. I don't give, to steal a phrase from daughter, "two shits and a fuck" about  your looking sexy for the beach (or whatever) but I do want you to feel good. Bump that, I want you to feel GREAT, inside and out. I want you to think, I want you to write, I want you to create. I love what the actor said the other day, "crazy for creatives!"   I want the two of you to collaborate. I want. I want. I want...YOU BACK!! Now, dammit. I want to see you, feel you, hear you fucking Laugh Out LOUD once a day, every day right up to birthday number fifty-three. 

And then some. 

Happy, happy, joy, joy...for realz. 





  1. YOu have no idea how much I need to write myself a letter like this!

    (And my birthday is months ago.) I need to get moving. I really, really do.

  2. Oh, and I should have said this first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  3. As overused as the tagline is..."just do it." That umpf is as much for my own benefit as yours. :-)

    And THANK YOU!

  4. Life is all about picking yourself up and, in the end, you are the only one who can make you do anything.

    I do think ME could have been a little more tender. Sometimes we just have to stop and stare at ourselves in fascination. I mean...we are resilient creatures, yes?

    I ran into a girl that I had counseled last month at a mall. When I counseled her she was 15, a smart ass with an ATTITUDE, a penchant for stealing anything and everything (she saw me on court order and the judge wrote a little note on the paperwork saying "Dear Counselor, Watch your valuables at all times. This girl will steal your watch as you are wearing it.") And her mother was a crack addict with a boyfriend who liked his meat young.

    She found a way out and was now working at a Subway in a mall, had moved out of the hell house she was living in and going to AA faithfully.

    You don't write much about your childhood, but I suspect that you have risen very high in spite of it.

    We are amazing creatures, yes?

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Dear You!

    Yes, it's good to celebrate. And even to excess once in a while. But after that...

    Get your ass on your bike!

    I'm with you on this one, friend.

  7. @ Maria Yes. And thank You. :-)

    @ Anon Thank You

    @ e ♥

    Hey, got my ass on my bike today!

  8. First, happy belated birthday!

    Second, thanks for stopping by today, and for your kind comments. I'm always curious about how people find me, so if you're up to it, come back and fill me in. =)

  9. @ ChiTown: Thank you. You're welcome and I will. :-)


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