Monday, May 15, 2017

May Days

A Block In The Neighborhood

May is National Bike Month. Bike to Work day was the eleventh. I didn't bike to work, I may not ever--at least so long as I work where I work. Unsettling is that I haven't been on my bike this season at all. If the rains stay away Melody could see some action this weekend. 

Soon it will be my mother's birthday. I've arranged to have the day off from work. The plan is to be outside, playing tourist in the city, snapping pictures, having a pleasant day, in her honor. I tried to arrange a date with one of my cousins but she was not interested. Oh well, I shall see how the day plays out. 

Speaking of family, I haven't spoken to my older brother in well over a year. We (my younger brother, older brother, and step-brother) are supposed to be coming to some agreement regarding a lawsuit filed on our father's behalf. My younger brother and I talked and we're on the same page. he said he'd speak with the others. He's stalling because he knows there will be push-back, dissent, disagreement, anger.


 And on a brighter note, here is our pooch. She is thrilled with being outdoors, sniffing freshly cut grasses and more. During one of our walks we came upon a small boy, maybe 5 years old. He told his dad to look, "it's like a big version of a poodle!" 

Welcome to Monday. Welcome to the middle of May. 


  1. That is a beautiful neighborhood to be exploring on Melody. It looks so lush! Well, I suppose 40 days of rain will do that : )

    Great way to honor your mom. I hope you get good weather for your sightseeing.

    Lastly, the picture of shaggy Cinnamon shows up next to the picture of groomed Cinnamon on the your blog. I wouldn't know they were the same dog !

    1. This little burg is full of little slices of lush especially this time of year and yes, this year especially.

      Ctossing my fingers but not too hard yet as it is over a week away.

      Shaggy Cinnamon does indeed look like a different pooch. She is so stressed by the grooming process we tend to do it in small bits and no blow drying. ;-)

  2. I love a neighborhood with a lot of big old trees, they look so welcoming. Sweet doggie.

  3. I haven't been on my bike either. It's unfortunate, but there it is. We'll get out there, Helen and I, just not sure when.

    My neighborhood looks like that, too, but my grass doesn't look like yours. Mine is shaggier that Cinnamon! I'm waiting for a dry day to mow...

    Good luck with your brothers. I'm sure you'll be relieved when that process is over.

    1. I am counting on Saturday being dry and calm ( it has been quite windy).

      A New neighbouring property is currently unoccupied. The grass hasn't been cut since they beginning of the season. With all the rain it looks, well shaggy is too tame.

      I think I will be glad. I fear though, on some level IT will never be over.

  4. Very cute doggie.

    I love that idea of honouring someone by taking a day to spend in a way that they would have enjoyed. Or loved seeing you enjoy.

    1. Thank you. She is a joy.

      My mom wasn't super adventurous but she had gotten to a point where she could enjoy being out, someplace different.

  5. Adorable pooch! That sounds like a great way to spend the day honoring your mom. I hope the weather cooperates. I'm sorry your cousin wasn't game, and for the brother situation and lawsuit. I didn't know about Bike Month... it reminds me to get our bikes out from the shed and fill the's been too long and we have trails galore. Happy midMay...

    1. Thank you. She is a pip of a pup.
      Thank you.
      It is a pretty big deal round these parts. Happy trailing.
      Happy mid-May!

    2. I have decided to make the best of the day whatever the weather. There are contingencies. :-)


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