Saturday, November 18, 2023

Two Years


Some years ago a couple of FB friends introduced a game(?).  If you commented on their post indicating you wanted to participate, they give you a year and you post a memory.  

I'm 37 Year 1997: 

What I remember: Upheavals 

In the workplace, CEO of parent company died;  beginning of a period of uncertainty which lasted over two years.  In the home, marriage crawling to an end; having to maintain some semblance of equilibrium, to provide guidance for 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter.  

I'm 27 Year 1987 

What I remember: Kindergarten.  Son and two orientations in two schools due to an unfortunate incident forcing our little family unit's move from one apartment to another.  I counted blessings for having found an apartment within two blocks of the initial orientation school only to find out we were two blocks of that that school's zone. Thus, an orientation at the second school. In addition, toddler turning two during this year.  Beyond these events? 1987 was basically a blur. 

To be honest, the 80s were a blur except for all things child related; feedings, diapers, training, walking, talking, schools, lessons, learning, laughing, crying, and being.  




  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    A lot of the child rearing years are blur for me too, with vivid special memories thrown in to salt the stew. Many things I've tried to forget - the danger and upheaval.

    1. I heard that. Special memories to salt the it

  2. Personally, I've worked hard to forget the 80s. Other decades have been kinder, as I hope all your future decades will be.


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