Friday, June 09, 2006

Working for A Living

Part of my function for the office is to purchase supplies. I buy pens, toner cartridges and various sundries to outfit our little company so people can perform their work. The task is not riveting and is just one of many that I perform.

One of the purveyors that I've used over the years announces in a recent marketing campaign that they are passionate about office supplies. Passionate about office supplies, bears repeating, does it not?

I wondered if the passion extended more for paper clips or did rulers have the edge. (get it? rulers/edge...) yeah, I know. It's Friday, whaddaya want from me?

So, as I ponder why I don't have or how I can find a passion for invoices, collection letters, financial and other statements, not to mention, pens, toner cartridges and so on; please note that while not passionate (yet?) about the office or the call center both offer some measure of enjoyment and variety.

At the call center (PTG) I am required to ask the following question of a number of candidates who are applying for any of a number of jobs with any of a number of potential employer. Response is voluntary and does not affect the outcome of the application:

Which of the following racial categories best describes you?
a. Non-Hispanic White
b. Non-Hispanic Black
c. Hispanic
d. Asian or Pacific Islander
e. American Indian
f. Prefer not to answer
One respondent considered for several seconds and then: "I don't know, I'm from Arkansas."

Have a great weekend. I have a list of stuff of do that might actually get done.


  1. 'f' actually should be 'Dumbass'.

  2. *snort*

    That's too funny.

    I'm itching to find a passion. I think I know what it is, actually, but am afraid of what it might take to actually get there. Which is worse than not having one, maybe.

  3. Elizabeth - my sentiments exactly.

    Jennifer - Geez, find passion? I've been waiting for it to ring the freaking bell. :)

  4. too danged funny. Question is: did he get the job?!

    Passion? Work? Those two are supposed to go together? What is the world coming to?

  5. No, he had disqualified before we even got to EEO Question.

    Yeah, right passion & work -like it's peanut butter & jelly or something. Come on, it borders on heresey.


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