Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday, Fun Day

I should be in bed because I have to work in the morning. Lots of people are looking are for jobs, many of them call my call center. Most shifts, I receive calls, from time to time I must make calls. Last night I had an assignment to call candidate: Ofakivahamamao. Seeing the listing, I spent several nervous moments trying to determine just how I was going to *address* this person or how I was even going to ask for them. Thankfully, the recruiter who had developed the file added a note: Candidate prefers to be called Regina. I'm thinking, no kidding and THANK YOU.

Today was the best Saturday in a long list of full of lists Saturdays. I didn't do any yard or housework and not because I was ill or just too tired. I was busy most of the day, having fun. I had a bike ride this morning, I didn't get up early enough to test run the skates, but I'm hoping next by next Saturday to have a few runs under my belt.

YL and I then went to a ball game. She won tickets to the Sox and she invited me to go along. We had brats and soda, the plan was to drink later at the Pride Fest. Although, when we saw the Frozen Margarita vendor we thought, hey... She never came back to our section though. We surmised that she was the lone such vendor and when she realized she had to work the whole park, dropped her pack and quit...

Anyway, the Sox came from behind and won in the 10th. What a hoot. We came home and she changed clothes, because she is, after all, YL and then we took off again.

We arrived at the Festival site, parked the car and commenced to feast on the Fest. There were happy people EVERYWHERE! It was fantastic. We ate, drank, and shook our groove thangs, yeah! We collected magnets, literature and CRUNCH (fitness) bags. YL boughprovocativetive tee - shirt, because she is after all YL.

She got comments on the REHAB is for Quitters tee-shirt she was wearing, especially while we were giggling over the Spitters are Quitters tee-shirt we saw at one booth. (No, she didn't buy that.)

We had fun today and I'm thinking, THANK YOU.


  1. Sweet. That was a very full day indeed. That is one thing about Pride, lots of shiny, happy people. It's a lot of fun. Sometimes too much fun. Although too much fun is ok except the next day when it's not quite as fun.

    Glad you two had a good time.

  2. "Rehab is for quitters" ... tee hee.

  3. I love those moments of bonding with your kid. Points to you for recognizing it for the gift that it was.

    Err, um, sorry for the Hallmark moment, but damnit, it was a nice little vignette! :)

  4. Hallmark moments work for me.:)

    Many tanks.


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