Sunday, June 18, 2006

Feeling Sloggy

Clogged sinuses plus grogginess from lack of sleep equals sloggy. Feeling sloggy, in case you were wondering is the polar opposite of feeling groovy. I began Saturday, 6/17, feeling right sloggy.

Slogginess can be overcome; it generally requires a combo of motivation and proper medication. I'd felt the motivation and as I didn't have the medication on hand, added that chore to the already loaded list for the day.

The slog, truth be told, started on Friday night. I got in from work about 10:15 p.m. and YL tagged me as soon as I hit the door. She'd been upset about her work, her dad and such. I talked with her for a few hours, got her settled down so she could lie down. YM picked up where she left off, telling me all about his day full of auditions, plans to get a new *day* job and the general progress toward becoming a working actor. In releasing some of his joys and frustrations of the day, he began to feel better about the choices he'd made.

I prepared to rest, at 1:30 a.m. The phone rang at 5:00 a.m. Mom calling to say she'd be over later that morning and would I braid her hair. Slog in full effect now, repeating, do not forget the meds, do not forget the meds.

Mom arrived. We talked. I braided. She gave me stuff to read, again. She complained about the post office, again. She told funny stories about aunts, cousins and walker wielding seniors. As we were saying our good-byes, I could feel the resolve dissolve. Still, no meds. Wait, I think I can hold up long enough to tackle the yard; reasoning, if I expend the energy to go get the meds, then take the meds, the yard's a wash for today.

Out to the yard and after a few swipes at the weeds, with the sun bearing down on my sloggy head I realized I'd made a tactical error. Barely able to breathe or concentrate long enough to weed, sweep, or mop, let alone, read, write or eat; I sent YL to the store for antihistamine. I took said meds immediately upon her return and then, I slept.


  1. I know sloggy all too well. In May, we went to VA for a short family visit. I used to live in VA and was on so many allergy meds, one would think I might remember as it has only been 8 years since. My doc there told me most areas of the country have a few major allergens and they all seem to converge in VA.

    I was sloggy after 2 days there and for nearly a month afterwards.

    Life is good. Just a friendly reminder.

  2. Allow me to get the polite and heartfelt pleasantry out of the way first: Hope you are feeling better today. :)

    Now onward. Your mother called you at 5:00 AM?! As in the morning AM, before the sun is even up AM, on a Saturday AM? And you didn't hang on up her? Your mother?

    My mother would never deign to call me at that hour. Not and expect me to answer, that is. You, my friend, are a saint of the highest order in daughterly form.


  3. Maxine: Thanks for the reminder-even through the slog,I rejoice.

    Suzanne: I am feeling better, thanks. Yes, 5:00 AM on a Saturday-my one and only day off, you betcha. Trust me when I say, answering the call is better than the alternative. Most of the time, I don't feel very saintly.

  4. Tell your mother NOT to call you before 0900a or after 2100 (9pm). Tell her you are setting boundaries & you are serious. Then un plug the damn phone, or turn off you cell.
    Her calling at 0500 is totally UNACCEPTABLE, disrespectful and obnoxious.


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